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No way to get to the on/off pin other than manually work the sear, which I have done endless times. No amount of pulling, pushing etc will make it fire. And the sear travels all the way. The trigger will collapse against the frame and work the sear like it should, but will not fire the gun.

Seems weird that any other body works fine but this one. Seems odd that this body alone will require an abnormal sized on/off pin and the others don't, but i will order one and try shaving it and see what happens.
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Maybe that body was machined or polished more than it should be. But if that doesn't fix it maybe BigEvil has more insight, I have to give him credit for sending me in the right direction.
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I just ran into the same issue with my 2k9 PTP gun . pk5 has the right ideal, but you have to remove the trigger frame and keep the sear assemble attached to the 2k9 PTP body. If you can get the gun to fire manually without the lower half, you have to adjust the leakages in the sear assemble. In my case, I had to shorten the leakage to the emag solenoid.
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I hope between 8-2011 to now he fixed it..........
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