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the archon's lid stinks. I tried to use 2 on a nasty. They opened each other up. grrrr.

revies, old reloaders (revy based) tsa (weak body though), and reloader 2/halo ($$) are your best bets still.

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I have been using Reloader guts in a pre BE revy shell on my megaZ, and I haven't had a chop since. I'm in sorta the same boat as you with forcefed hoppers, I can't use 'em on the Z since the delayed blowback system means the bolt floats. Aforcefed hopper could put enough pressure to hold the bolt closed.
I like the sound activated better than the eye in the revy. It's more reliable since the eye sometimes won't see certain types of paint, and it starts agitating sooner, since it doesn't wait for the ball to drop.

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my vote is in for an revy as well. However if you can, find an old style shell. The newer ones are made out of a more brittle plastic but the old ones have that sweet high impact composite stuffy, it'll match nicely with a mag, one of the least breakable hoppers with one of the least breakable guns
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I very much like the TSA Frontman hopper for my mag. It is low profile, sound activated, and sits well. Depending on which way you lean, the hopper will adjust its paddle spin to ensure proper feed. I have never used it on a RF body before, cause I can't stand elbows. But I would think it would be ok as it is a relatively light hopper. Other then that, you can't go wrong with a 12v revvy, and if you can get the older, more durable plastic, you are winning twice.

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I use an x-boarded Revvy on my Ion. I have a Q-lock so the ball stack is short. I cannot overshoot it. The only time I have an issue is when I forget to turn it on. This is the same hopper I use on the Mag. you can find them cheap.

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another vote for the Revvy. They are cheap and easy to come by and will feed fine on a mag...nice and durable too. I have also had great luck with the Riccochet line, a little ahrder to come by parts for but still good.
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I'd go with the Revvie, or possibly a Q-loader
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I vote either a Revvy or a Ricochet. I do know that Ricochet has damned good customer service. Can't really expect that from a product that is no longer in production. However Revvy's are available used for very cheap.
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My Ricochet AK has been a great loader. No problems at all and it feeds plenty fast enough for me. It is worlds better than the Empire Reloader II that I had for a short time.
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