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Ok, now I'm new to electo hoppers...never even owned one for the last five years. I picked up a right feed (power feed) Mag a while ago, and have been using a gravity hopper since I picked it up. But I'm getting sick of shaking the gun to keep balls feeding. And I heard using hoppers like a Halo puts too much pressure on the feed cap, and could pop it out (dumping the balls on the ground). Which hoppers would be ideal for the power feed mags, that aren't constant feed....(blades keep spinning whether you're shooting or not).

Thanks in advance.
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I'd stick with a revvy, they feed well enough and don't put pressure on the balls. Halo's are a little heavy for an elbow IMNSHO.
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I picked up a Ricochet Apache a few months back and I love it.
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I have a revy 12v that I got for $25 used on the nation. I was just using it on my minimag today and was able to shoot about 100 balls in about 10 seconds (why does anyone need to be able to shoot that fast?!?). Anyway, it is very light, easy to find used, easy to take apart and clean, and won't break balls in your hopper. It will be perfect for your mag.

I also have eVLution 2 with a Z-board (effectively making it a eVLution 3), which I bought here on MCB for $35 (IIRC). I actually haven't used it that much, mainly because I am not used to its lid, and it doesn't mount/balance well on markers that are not center feed, such as my mag. It's supposed to feed up to 23bps, which I have a hard time believing, but I can't shoot that fast even with my Ion.

A halo, VLocity, or equivalent "high-end" loader would be overkill for a mech semi automag.

Now, someone go out and buy the new Viewloader Revolution Eye Force and review it for us...

EDIT: btw, Viewloader is no longer making the old revvies, replacing them with thier new Force and Eye Force loaders. Don't buy the continuously agitating hoppers that will eat batteries, make noise and jam/crush paintballs.
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Yeah, revys should do just fine, and they will save you the money that could have been spent on a higher end loader.
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I've never had anny experience with a Revy, but I run an Apache on my MicroMag and it works great.
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Actually, there's a new gravity feed hopper called the Archon, I know some of the people who have used them, and they enjoyed them. They feed around 11 bps which is generally fine if your shooting semi-auto. I'm going to be picking one up for my Blazer soon. No Batteries!!!

eBay: Archon's NEW Revolutionary 200 Round Gravity fed hopper (item 130125762889 end time Jun-21-07 18:31:53 PDT)
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Originally Posted by O'Lane View Post
Actually, there's a new gravity feed hopper called the Archon
I had one of those hoppers briefly. It fed only slightly better than other gravity hoppers more due to the double feed than its "anti-blowback" design. I felt that the lid was difficult close securely, and it tended to pop open and dump my paint at inconvenient moments.
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I have a sound activated empire reloader II, work well with my automag
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I have used a revy with X-board, and one with a reloader kit (New impellor and sound board) and I can outshoot either of them on my classic mag. Now, if you are used to grav hoppers then you probibly are not used to shooting that fast. I can get 11bps over the chrono on my classic, viewloader claims that the revy can do 12 but, apparently it cannot do so consistantly...I have had the same problems with a richochet 2k LCD.

I usually use my Egg II with z-board or Halo B on my classic and my E-mag. Yes, the halo can do strange things when it is wound up, especially if you have modifed the springs, but I have only had it push itself off with my shocker sport, never with my mag. I have never had any chopping problems at high speed with the halo on either of my mags. The Egg II Y-board or Z-board I have yet to outshoot on my classic mag, and it does not put pressure on the balls untill there is a gap in the stack, so it is not really a force feed in the sense that a halo is.

Just remember a Mag even with a classic valve is capable of quite a bit ROF wise. The only mods I have are a shortened on/off pin, and a slightly modded RT on/off valve, and an intelliframe and I can get 11bps on it, Note on my cocker, I have a shocktech 3-way, trigger shoe, added set screws,messed with the springs untill the cows came home and have the hammer set in perfect timing, and I can only do 8bps over the chrono... Point is: Mags Rule.
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