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How to lighten trigger pull on intelli-frame?

Hi, i recently purchased a ule mag with an rt valve and level 10. I am just curious how i could lighten the trigger pull of an intelli frame ? How could i check if a ult is installed already?
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ult can be installed in the valve only if the valve was modded chances are it doesnt have a ult
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If you are really crafty and troll the bst threads, you may be able to find a cheater kit. It makes the trigger pneumatic and very quick. It just slips into the intelli frame after you remove the trigger rod and you run air to it from a lpr. I installed mine with a wgp tickler lpr and apposed rare earth magnets behind the trigger and it is very walkable (and snappy).
You could also send it out and get it converted to pneumatic, I just forget who did it now (loguzzz? Or something like that)
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yup Loguzzzz on AO does the pneumag conversions!
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Your easiest and best bet is to go with a ULT if you dont have one already. When properly tuned it can be nice and soft not quite electro soft but close def better than the stock on/off. Now to check to see if you have a ULT you'll have to pull out the on/off from the valve and take a look below are a pic of each not the best but it shows ya what to look for

STOCK RT ON/OFF- able to unscrew on/off pin removable

ULT ON/OFF- able to unscrew to add/remove shims on/off pin not removable added o-ring groove to top half


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I shipped my rt valve to Luke and he and his gnomes worked their magic and BOOM dropped in my ult
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