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What's the shootdown for a classic valve?

I've heard people say you can get shootdown with a classic valve, and that's the reason they go with an X/RT/Emag valve.

I always considered it a non-issue though. Isn't the shootdown somewhere around 15bps? Seriously, who is shooting a classic mag that fast? (correct me if I'm wrong about the shootdown bps)
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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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I think 10-12bps was the limit before shootdown.

Bad thing about the RT valves is consistency. The mantra is 'the faster you shoot, the more consistent it is'. That means if you don't shoot fast, it shoots all over the place.
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Shooting a classic fast takes some sort of timing. I have an EP classic that I can get up to 14, my son used to get it a little faster, without shootdown. With the right tank reg, an e-frame and a few mods, people have hit 16-18 bps.

Pneumags get into that range, but you need talent or practice with a classic valve over 10 bps. I had neither.

Basic cycle time is normally around 60 msec, which is ~16.7 bps.


For the RT valves, you get used to the trigger and you just stroke it the same way every time for the type of shot you are taking.
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