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Trigger Stops

Looking for some clarification. I bought a pneumag with 2 trigger stops, but one seems to be too short. It's needs about another 2mm to be effective, I think. I can use my pneumag fine with one finger, but it's not walk-able. I believe this is due to the fact that the trigger stops are not set up right.

My trigger stop takes a 1/16 Allen key to turn it. Does anybody know what exact size/spec most of the trigger stops were? Or a place to buy them? The local hardware store turned up bupkis.

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You design a pneumag to have stops, but then you have to build it and set it right to use them. The length of the actuating rod will have a lot to do with where your stops end up. Also, consider where your safety works, if you want to use it. It's nice to have the trigger go from safe to just past firing. You want to go past so that when you are trying to fire quickly, you aren't just cracking the MSV but opening it properly. The safety business gets in the way of a pre-travel stop.

Use some blue loctite on the stops when you get them figured out. They can wander off sometimes.

You pretty much have to do it after the rest is setup, but you can put another set screw in the trigger to run against the actuating rod, so that you can set that length just right.

Small allen wrenches are a little uncommon, but there's bound to be some up there somewhere.
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^^this exactly... i had to goof around with the actuating rod for a bit to find the correct length... i set it so that my msv2 gets actuated juuuust past the safety, then used a long set screw to limit the backwards trigger travel. Works great! i found that using the top set screw more than a tiny amount rendered the safety useless, which was a feature i wanted lol.
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