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from a post of mine on AO, just seeing what ideas come from here also.


Setup - minimag valve, level 10, intelliframe, rt rail, sear, and pin, and CO2 (this time just my antisiphoned tank for testing, no xp, no remote)

OK, threw a tune on the level 10. Got it shooting right with no bolt stick now, no leaks. shoots fine but getting some pretty good shootdown now. I can go steady at about 2 bps (according to the 3 tooth backyard mechanic measurement clock) and it performs good at +/- 10 fps. if i try to even begin to go faster than that im loosing between 30-50 psi. My next step in the trouble shoot are to fill and hook up my HPA tank and see if its a co2 thing (my co2 tank was fresh filled). I'll also run my remote through a xchamber or palmer reg and use the antisiphon tank to make sure no liguid is in the gun. Is there anything else i should look into? mm valves are supposed to be good for 10 bps. Any number given as performance of an item i ussually cut in half to account for propaganda, but it seems not to even come close to 5 bps (can i even pull that, i dont think so). Honestly its completely useable right now, 2 bps is fast enough, but i want it to be operating correctly. If its supposed to be faster and isnt, then i see something wrong that need fixin.

Anyone successfully ran a palmers reg on a mag (reg'd to 900 or fully open). double reg'n is ussually bad but on the flip side nothing stops liquid co2 like a palmers. My palmers is a female so i can mount it as the tank end of my remote, giveing a lot of air between it and the marker to use for the charge. Preferably i would mount to the bottom like the asa, or side mount strait to the valve. I'm hopeing this is an option, but if the marker isnt recharging fast enough now...

any help is appreciated.
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Check and see if there is a filter on your mags valve. It could be clogged and causing such problems, I don't think AGD has been putting filters on them in some time though.

On my classic valve running HPA, I get about a 10 fps drop at 13bps and a 50-60fps or so drop at 16bps. This is with an E-mag on/off and E-mag pin. (In an E-mag as well, try pulling 16bps on a mech classic!).

Running co2 I have had no issue with my normal setup (Remote + Gas-thru stock) @ 8bps or so. When it is really cold, it seems to slow the recharge a bit though.

If there are no overtightened fittings or filters then check your sear, the sear is adjustable and with the wrong pin, or just bad adjustment it is possible that the on/off isn't opening completely making your gun have shootdown.

I do no reccomend putting more regs on an Automag, it only starves them for air, but there are those who swear by the stabilizer on their mag...
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I have heard that shootdown occurs on non-RT valves at 3 bps and above. I can't swear to that, but that is what I've heard.

To help alleviate your problem, I recommend getting the Stab as close to your A.I.R. valve as possible.

Think about this, after every shot, your stab has to pressurize your remote (which I'm almost dead certain has a small amount of flex which slows the recharge of the entire system from the Stab forward) and then your expansion chamber. That is a pretty large volume of air to have to fully re-pressurize at 0.33 seconds or less.

Your best results would probably be had with the Stab mounted under the grip frame and then a hose right into the A.I.R. valve.

Best of luck to you!
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djellum, You state that you have shootdown and you are using a stab to help with regulation. Some swear by the Stab but I believe you are over regulating the mag and my suggestion would be to use HP through an expansion chamber or directly into the valve. If you are using CO2 and have an anti-syphon then the expansion chamber should be good enough an you won't need the stab. Try without the stab and let us know.

When I had a Classic valved Minimag I used remote with expansion chamber and never had shootdown firing up to 10 BPS in the day.

Good luck and keep us posted. Outlaw5
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think i got it fixed now. Completely dissassembled and lubed everything and adjusted the trigger sear. I wasnt actually running the stab, but i was thinking about it. at the bps i can get mechanically i didnt think the recharge would be too much of a factor, but the liquid co2 would. Thought the palmers would help keep the liquid out.
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