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A good day for some RT play

Some people ask, and I even wonder sometimes, "what do you need a reactive trigger for?"

Well, I had a good day yesterday with my x-valved minimag, ULT, and ninja SHP. It bounces about 13-14 bps. We were playing woods and forts with renters, scenario players, and pump tourney players. I wanted to be sociable, but it was fairly hot and humid and my back was sore from something. I just wanted to shoot and play with my new ULE rail.

With a 200 round GXG hopper, I could RT 2-4 balls at a time. I thought that would keep me out of trouble. However, while defending from a creek bed I ran a burst of four by the ref's butt and caught his attention. He said, "point your marker down there and pull the trigger once for me." So I pull the trigger and put one shot in the creek. "Ok, just checking. Will that do PSP?" I had to compute what he meant and then said, "no,,, it's mechanical".

The most fun was playing on one of the plywood and pipe bunker fields. I had worked up to the right-center 40 behind a horizontal sheet of plywood. The other side made it into the center fort and beat up our front guys. That left me sitting (literally) behind my bunker with a lot of opposition, two pumpers on the right, one overhead, and five mixed players on my left. We had four players around our 20 that kept me from being overrun. Fortunately, it was the first game of two and I had three pods with me. I spent several minutes milking that spot. It was good that we had better angles on the left side. It was pretty well controlled considering the number of players pushing in there. I was down to the last quarter of a hopper when one of my pumper friends caught me leaning out (I had only caught one them), right in the chest.

With two minutes left at that point, we lost the game, but I had a blast. That's what I like about an RT.
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Great story...

Reminds me when I built my IT body mag. X Valve with RT on/off with 3 shims, ninja SHP putting out 1,100 psi and rotor. Went to my local field to test and tune it. Right out the box it was ripping 23 bps. The field owner looks at me and says, "You know you can't take that out in the field." I started laughing like a little kid in the candy store and told him I would detune it. Drop it to one shim and it would RT perfect at 13-14 bps.

Started that morning playing pump and got outgunned on the right side of the woods by a pair of speedballers. Went right to the car and grabbed the mag that I just detuned. Switched sides and the same pair posted up one dead center of woods. So I let out just one shot and of course they thought here's that pump guy again. Switch to my left on this bunker while they starting unloading on my right.

Popped out on the left mag ripping and hearing them say that beautiful word, "Out". Yep love the RT effect on my mag.
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Spider, what's the details of your set up? As far as how many shims, tank output pressure, and which spring on your valve? I have a SHP reg I've never used and would like to get it dialed in right for rec ball.
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Originally Posted by audioSLAVE View Post
Spider, what's the details of your set up? As far as how many shims, tank output pressure, and which spring on your valve? I have a SHP reg I've never used and would like to get it dialed in right for rec ball.
I got most of this mag pretty beat, and it's well worn. I suspect that much of it had been baked. Iirc, the ULT only has the equivalent of 4 ULT shims. It usually hangs up a few times before the fresh oil works into it. It is very light; you don't feel the sear drop as much as the little RT kick.

The SHP has no shims and runs around 950. That was what it was supposed to do and I put my little tester gauge on it. It was at least as good as the gauge (+/-). It's one of TOTShadow's AGD printed regs, so when the end comes, "I won't even notice. I'll be too busy looking good."

I use a gold spring or a spring cut to that length. In hot, humid weather a ball can swell up and stick in the breech of my 689 j&j, so I stay away from the lighter (stiffer) springs. 689 is not the best bore for our paint, but I like the barrel otherwise. A little spread on the other side of the field works out; people have started moving by the time the balls get there.

Between the ULT and the GXG hopper, you have to creep on the trigger to get it to RT, and you won't get a bunch before you loose the ball stack. The same SHP on a mag with a powered loader and an RT on/off will let you empty the loader pretty easily.

I initially bought a ninja 3k a few years ago and tried it out with different setups. At 850 it did just that much better than my 800 crossfire. I could get down to a 11-12 bps bounce, but it felt like you were waiting on the trigger. Then, at a sustained rate, the 3k bottle would drain pretty quick, so the functionality was a bit off. When I got the 4.5k SHP, it really pushed aside my max-flo inline that I had used previously.
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