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My gen 2.5 (I think) micromag and a few questions about her

So I bought a micromag 10 years ago when I was in highschool and about 6 years ago it went missing from my dads office building where I had stored it while I was traveling in Australia. A couple months ago my dad showed up with a cardboard box with my micromag and 68 Automag classic. I guess one of his employees took the box home by accident one day and had it in her basement for 6 years before she realized!

I am so stoked to have it back and after some tinkering and stealing parts from my automag valve (RIP) I got her up and running. I'm not sure that name of the anno pattern but maybe one of you can fill me in?! I ahve a Boo-yaah frame that the seller threw in with it but I have never been able to get the damn thing to shoot!

I discovered a large group of micro owners here and I have a couple questions now. Does anyone know where I can find a vertical adapter or just a foregrip that will fit this bastard? Im kinda desperate now and dont care the color, although matching would be fantastic (and probably a long shot) I e-mailed PTP and am hoping to hear back soon. Do all the micromags use the same vertical adapter?

Also can I run Compressed Air on the micromag valve? I want to start using it but am unsure if I can just go from using C02 to slapping on a compressed air tank.

Does this model use autococker threads? I ant to find a smaller barrel and want to be positive before I buy!

Thanks guys!

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Pics would be a great help.

Originally Posted by senghing27
Note: While I would love to take credit for his work, I am not associated with Mad Customs!
You can contact BigMatt-MadCustoms in his MCB forum
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oops, forgot something. Don't know why Photobucket insists on rotating it though....
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Yes micromags do use autococker threads. I think pro team products ran out of vert asa's already. You'd have to find one on the bst. I think luke over at has a micromag foregrip. It might just be the 2k model micromag though that has a different foregrip mount than the older ones.

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You can use CO2 or compressed air, the only thing to adjust would be the velocity.
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Yes it uses Cocker threaded barrels. PTP was out of the vert ASAs last time I checked and doubt they were making any more. The foregrips that Luke made/is making will fit all the gens up to the 2k. I beleive that pattern is called Cool Camo. Check the stickies within this forum and there is a PTP pattern thread.
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