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Originally Posted by tracy_ptp View Post
Hi Everyone!! Itís Tracy!!

I still havenít seen a name for the new micro that catches my eye yet so still work on it.

I would like to make a comment to Big EvilÖ.. I donít believe I know you at all, maybe I have met you and donít remember, but it seems like you donít like us at all, which is ok. I donít expect everyone out there to like us. You do seem to have a lot of strong comments about us. Some of the problems you have with us are the same problems AGD has as well. We originally created the spacer kits in order to achieve a more precise means of positioning the power tube o-ring in order to better control the issue of bolt stick/leak. This resulted in a lighter trigger pull and better air efficiency when properly adjusted/tuned. Airgun later went on to replace the power tube spring with our spacer system. We have tried to build everything we have to spec. The biggest difference between most companies and ourselves is that we back our product 100%. We will always do whatever it takes to fix our products and make the customer happy. If you have not been happy that must mean you have never contacted us directly.

Please note that both our powerfeed micromag bodies and f/x cocker bodies were copied by a company in Europe several years ago. The micromag bodies were definitely not built to our specification and did not work well. Some of these bodies did make it into the hands of players and have fairly recently been sold at a heavily discounted price. The primary seller involved has disclosed that these were not PTP Micromag bodies, but it is impossible to know how they have been represented at that point.

If you have a specific issue you would like to address please let me know. RRFirebleade was a tech for us and could tell you more than I. If you are not interested in this last run of bodies than I am not sure why you are here, unless it is something other than good. I do not wish to have a battle with anyone. I am just trying to give the players what they want.


PS. Doc please let me know if you were happy with your last purchase.!!!!

How about the Pro Team Micro Max body.
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