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try a smaller spacer in the powertube
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I aired it up today and it still leaked. I pulled the trigger, it shot and stopped leaking, then I released the trigger and it fired and started leaking. Does this have something to do with the trigger rod? When it is aired up, I noticed it didn't push the trigger all the way forward.
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mine just developed a similar problem but my setup is different. The Tech video at the AGD site as i recall addresses that problem exactly

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The symptoms point to problem with the powertube o-ring not sealing.

This could be a bad powertube o-ring, an improper spacer/worn powertube spring, a very worn sear that is catching the bolt (but not keeping it seated), or a trigger pin that is too long (would hold trigger completely forward when marker is aired up.)

Inspect your bolt for a burr or scratch that could be eating the powertube o-ring too.
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