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I have a good local shop, owned by a guy who works his *** off and has been playing since the mid 90's...does everything from woodsball to tournyball and he'll give you advice(good advice) if you ask, but he won't push anything on you. He's not too mag savvy, but then, I am so I never had to take any of my RT's in for repair. He's very good with most markers though, from standard stack tubes to angels. The field proshops in my area are kind of a different story though.

Now about those lil noobs with their mantis egos...I just shoot em in the face with a razorback, tell them that my marker is older than they are, and they cry and call me god.
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back to the first post. My old classic mag would run around 325-400, when it got much above 400 PSi it started to kick and sounded more like a .22. I even started getting echos from the woods next to my house. I remember one of the AGD techs or tom Kaye having a comment on line that with the bolt moving forward and creating more space for the air to expand into the pressure that actually reaches and touches the ball got down to around 80PSI. I probably wouldn't sit and correct the store worker either but then again I like to make people feel stupid once in a while.
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closest shop to me now is a PEVS paintball because my local ma and pop shop closed down. good luck finding any mag or cocker parts in the PEVS shop. i went in for some LP hose for my cocker and an o ring kit for my minimag they had no idea. they didnt have any in stock. the only cocker part they had was a timing rod and they didnt know what it was and couldnt find it in the cpu. i left empty handed. well i guess i can at least get co2 and nitro fills close by but thats about it.
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A while ago(before I had a car) the only place I could get stuff was the local army navy......what a bunch of retards. There was 1 decent guy there and the rest were cocky bastards. My friend went in looking for a gas-through and a cheap barrel for his piranha-semi he was given all sorts of hell from this little punk who felt he knew everything. He tried everything to convince us not to buy that stuff and to spend a ton on a cocker or shocker or something they make alot on. Another time my friend went in there looking for some springs to change a max-flows presure and the told him it wasnt possible and that he was an idiot. The dude seriously called him an idiot, its amusing though that my friend was right and he was the idiot. Thats the last time I went there for something that wasn't worth under $5 and I never dealt with those 2 again.

On the other hand, the guys at PBotF seemed pretty competent and didn't push anything on me. Though the had nothing for older markers they didnt bother me to buy something brand new. I even ordered my sniper kit through them for my cocker and they seemed to be interested in how it worked out.
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There are a few shops around where I live and most of them do the same thing in trying to sell you the "best thing in paintball". My and my little bro are not into the Ions and newer items. So we hit up a shop called Ground Floor and the owner has owned fields around the U.S. but ended up selling them. Now he has a nice shop and if the techs can't fix it he can. He even has an ongoing museum in the back with all kinds of guns from the past. He can fix just about anything with a few rare exceptions.
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Hey Reaper, was that Ground Floor in Oceanside, CA? That's where I went and the guy told me about ancient mags. Don't get me wrong, the majority of Tim's staff are great, but that one guy was kinda an ***. (BTW, you ever get a chance to see the owners KP, its going into his museum. I like groundfloor because their pretty good about fixing guns, although they wont work on SP products or ICD... and not everything they sell is for the tourni wanna bes with piles of cash. I went to rockin paintball near Frys and they didn't even sell duckbill bottomline adapters. All they had were $50 on/offs

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well im glad Ms.Bobby here in LaVergne TN. is great she ownes and runs Elite PaintBall and she's great she ownt push anything you dont want on you! and she knows all about old and new! she's great the store is great the only thing is her son that works there also (he is 20ish) is not much help on lower end blow backs (aka tippmann and such) but he's a great help with my Ion and my bro's auto cocker.

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FeedTD - Yes its the one in well i think it's vista actualy but yeah. The owner Tim is a realy good friend of mine, and yeah some of the newer staff are a little out of their minds but in my humble opinion it's the best shop in the area.
What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger!
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yeah your right it is vista. GAh, I hate being on the border between carlsbad/oceanside/vista its too confusing.
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