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FeedTheDogg 09-07-2006 10:33 AM

So I went into my local shop....
I went in to buy a duckbill asa. At first I went to the shop i usually dont go to, and they didn't have any, only 45ish dollar on/offs, so I went to my local shop and went in to buy one. I was talking to the guy working their and he asked what gun I was putting it on and I told him my RT mag. He then went on and on about how those things are ancient and he hated the design. He then was all and "they run on 900-1000 psi, you want that hitting your ball?" :ROTFL: I was going to inform him he's a moron, but I didn't feel much like talking to him. Obviously, mags run on 850-900ish input pressure and the regulator takes it down to 450...DRRRR. Anyways, morale of the story, that guy was a terrible salesmen. When you are making a sale you don't tell your customer how bad one of their favorite guns is. I know the owner (who also dislikes mags, BUT mentioned it to me in a RESPECTFUL manner. He just told me he didnt like them because back in the day decent air systems were 500 bucks and he didn't like how they worked on c02, he probably shot straight c02 threw his mags and froze em up or damaged seals.) Maybe I'll have a discussion with him about his employee... *END OF RANT

Uranus 09-07-2006 11:20 AM

At least he knew what an Rt mag was. My local shop didn't reconize my mag, or most of my other guns at all!!!

BE_Rogue 09-07-2006 12:40 PM

before I moved I had similar problems with the a shop near me.
if your marker wasn't electric they tried to talk you into buying an ion or something electric. It was always funny listening to them go on and on about "you'll be king of the field" "virtue board" and "that's obsolete".

I took a bruizer in them to get fixed and got it back in worse working condition than I brought it to them in... and it took about a month for that to get done.
I fixed it with a gameface valve.

Wycke 09-07-2006 01:12 PM


Originally Posted by FeedTheDogg (Post 28340)
He then was all and "they run on 900-1000 psi, you want that hitting your ball?"

I've had folks call me crazy for running my 'Cocker at 500 psi. When I tell 'em that Phantoms run at 8-900 psi, they just laugh. Nowadays, a lot of people have this crazy notion that anything above 200 psi is lunacy.

mike31c 09-07-2006 01:19 PM

perhaps you should mention all the foolish noobs who do get their parents to buy such electro's usually get pwned by said "obsolete" guns, when properly handled by an experienced player... That usually shuts 'em up...

Besides, if they ARE trying to get such modern do-hickeys, it sometimes indicates they don't have the parts for our "classic" guns and would not know how to install them in the first place...

And frankly, I would not trust them if they were trying for me to buy those fancy guns in the first place...

PaintedRat 09-07-2006 01:29 PM

I love my local shop. I took in my Tippmann F/A for sputtering problems. None of the clerks wanted to touch it, so they asked the owner. He said he would take a look at it when he had a chance, but said he never had much luck timing the upper seer for full-auto on his. The last time I was in, I had the counter guy digging through boxes to see if they still had a Sheridan valve tool available. The shop sells everything current from Spyders to tourney stuff, and has never given me a bad time for anything other than being cheap. Maximum Paintball in Fresno rocks.

The next best was Paintballs4U, but they've since closed. The rest couldn't distinguish an A5 from a doorknob when I've gone in.

eric 09-07-2006 04:30 PM

ive got one of the better shops around here :) although no one seems to want older stuff except me and another guy here the owner has been playing for 18 or more years he has a picture of him with his mag when i played the older tournys

Wycke 09-07-2006 05:09 PM


Originally Posted by PaintedRat (Post 28391)
I love my local shop. I took in my Tippmann F/A for sputtering problems. None of the clerks wanted to touch it

I don't blame 'em...I've only ever looked at that full-auto mechanism and it scared the crap outta me!

PaintedRat 09-07-2006 05:15 PM

I don't think it is too bad, at the time I just didn't know what kind of fluid it used, and It's easier for the shop to order parts.

Hobbes 09-07-2006 05:54 PM

I'll be living within about 10 minutes from a paintball store soon (previously 1 hour to the closest place) so I hope they don't suck. If they do I'll just have to get a job there to set them straight.

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