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Exclamation I Just Dont Get it...twist lock barrels ?

I just dont get the fascination with twist lock barrels.
I wont buy a marker unless its got a ULE on it.
I hate those barrels with a passion, heavy and clunky.
And the powerfeed bodies are heavy, cant be anodized, and....well, just ugly.

And what in the world is this MCB fascination with brass barrels ?
Theres no scientific data showing that raw brass is somehow better than anodized aluminum.

If the moon is in the right spot brass is more better ?

/end rant

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Once you try brass, you're hooked.
A far as twistlocks are concerned, I'm with you there. But I'm calling Lory on Monday for some brass twist.
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Brass is god.
And there is plenty of data showing brass is better, and when you use a brass barrel the difference is visible.
But either you get it... or you don't.
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I have brass and Lapco. They're both great. They've both done well for me with all types of paint.
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Yeah.. I love brass. IDK what's with powerfeeds and twistlock. I don't think their are any advantages to twist lock other than ease of removal.
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Come on man, Twist lock is where it is at. I have a Twist-lock Freak barrel, and It isn't really any heavier than any other freak, I have a stainless Teardrop and it is about the same weight as my stainless cocker Bigshot. I just don't see the heavy and clunky part, Brass and stainless barrels are heavy, but twistlocks might add an ounce or two, but I don't see it.

Personally I use Twist lock barrels for two reasons 1. One of my Mags has a level 7 bolt, and trust me, it is nice to be able to squeegee it so easily 2. I just sold my vertical twist lock as I am moving completely away from vertical feed, and I cannot get a right feed ULE body.

I dunno, I always thought that the new bodies looked worse than the T/L ones, There is nothing like polished stainless steel, I love the look. I love everything to be chrome and shiny looking.

On the weight issue though, Twist lock bodies are heavy. But I love that! I think it is really a case of different things for different people.
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Brass is purdy. Keep her shined, and she will love you. So yes, brass is more better.
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Originally Posted by Party of A-5 View Post
Brass is god.
And there is plenty of data showing brass is better, and when you use a brass barrel the difference is visible.
But either you get it... or you don't.
Please quantify.

I can see an argument being made for the twistlock platform, but not for brass as a barrel material.
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The twist lock platform is superior. It lets the ball drop actually into the bore of the barrel which means it is seamless. It is troublesome to MFG and the MFG will have to be sure the bolt can enter the barrel all the way, but if that is all worked out right it dominates.

The speed of removal is fantastic..its just a great design. Threads suck.

Powerfeed I do not like. I think it is the worste of both worlds. You cant see anything and the hopper is tall tall tall.

Right feed is great, you can see over the gun great. It is plenty easy to shoot left handed with a right feed (though obviously if i was primarily a lefty id want a left feed)

I prefer centerfeed. Stainless bodies are only 2x the weight of a ULE body which isnt much at all.

Powerfeed only helps with blowback..essentially useless.

That said. I have a pariah body. It is easier to have, and it is nice and black. I wouldnt pay more than 70 dollars for an AGD factory no rise body with an aluminum centerfeed barrel and kids and adults want more than that for them these days so they are not an option at all for me. Plus my pariah looks pretty cool.

The fascination with brass is that it works well. Guys around here just think its cool too..but additionally they just shoot well.

I have decided that i prefer a lapco one piece barrels. I dont have to keep them polished, and they are super strait. Cant beat gun drilled billet.

Some argue that right feed for a righty is dumb because you have the hopping hanging out when you are on the right side (strong side) of a bunker. If you have used a right feed gun you will know that it is not a problem, and might even find that you like the setup. You can still lean your hopper behind the bunker, and when you are on your left (weak) side the hopper is tucked in so it just makes that easier. The one inch or so to the right of the gun does not protrude more than the side of your head, so its a non issue. I like centerfeed for symmetry..but right feed works very well and if I still had my lapco pumpers I would be a full force rightfeed man just to keep myself regular.

another reason MCBers are right feed men is because many of them use older guns that are only available in right feed, namely a whole lot of pump guns. It is nice to have a regular setup instead of switching from centerfeed to right feed and back all of the time.
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Is brass the dark side?

I love brass as well, my old J&J for my SL-68
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