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Hi fellas,
I haven't been around in years. A member here recently tracked me down and started inquiring about some old markers that I still have. I ended up taking some new pictures of this beauty here, so I thought I'd post them up here to show that this marker still exists today.

AGD Golden Gun - 24K Gold Plated Karta E-Mag w/ 007 Valve. - Album on Imgur

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Just a few of my mags. Ill post more as I get them finished.

Automag Classic. Bought it brand new, with a different barrel than in the picture. Only change to it was a lvl 10 bolt. Only played with it 3 games before enlisting and she went to storage.

Red/Black/Gold Splash. Barrel I bought with the classic, the rest thanks to netsurferdude2. Looking to complete the splash and change the body out to a black minimag. Will be putting a lvl10 in this.

Blue/Black/Gold Splash. Got this off eBay about a month ago. Looking to complete the splash kit.

Grey/Black/Silver Splash. Thanks superman for this one. Looking to complete splash on this as well. Will be putting a level 10 in this.

Have 2 more I use as loaners to family when we play and another 2 that are projects on their way to completion. I'll post those when I am done.
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snagged a couple of karta's in the past month figured i would share. Still need to slot the emag rail for a foregrip but in the mean time.

I buy Automags and Parts: if you need cash shoot me a pm

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Red Smear RT Classic:

Copper/brown XMT Phoenix:

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Here we go boys:

Minimag, slapped in Doc's barrel converter for a shorter barrel I had cut for freaks, had the feedneck chopped and milled to allow the sniper feedneck, and the springfeed I also got worked on. It's a Minimag Pistol!

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My pride and joy

Attached Images
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