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A Little Grainy
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Oooo... carbon fiber. Looks light. =D
My friend was killed by a throwing star but I live because of D'Eagle - Thalion
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My Micromag 2000:

The album:
Micromag pictures by rseb4agze - Photobucket
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Originally Posted by BigEvil View Post
Venomous Designs Noxious body + rail + Snatch grip
Magnus E-90
Tuna foregrip
CCM Feedneck
Scepter barrel
Coming soon - a dust black Tunavalve

Custom Mini-Tac pump
-Cut down tac-1 body and classic rail
-Cerberus Innovations tac pump kit
-Custom made by me foregrip
-Dye 45 frame.
If you ever want to sell that top one Evil, LMK
-MacDev Ronin RX #4, DigiCam MacDev Droid,Black 06 Borg,2xOlive 06 Borg,2xBlk 07 Borg,Olive 07 Borg
-Mint Tippmann .68 Special,
-2xLB Nightmare,Nelspot 007
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All teh pews
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@rseb - I LOVE that micro!

Here's my lated classed resurrection:

My Feedback
Team: Ronin Brotherhood
Western PA, we are recruiting
Need something anodized? HMU on our team forums above.
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Playing pump
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:llama ride:
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Post Whore
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Brand spanking new Toxic body, far as I know the only one in polished silver/aluminum. Still a bit of grime inside from being worked on (mmm smells like the shop), gotta get my CCM neck off my ULE body, and I'm good to go. Maybe sometime when I have more money to toss around I'll get it nickle plated to match it all up.

Originally Posted by Friedmoose View Post
automags are easy on the upkeep to, from what my friends have told me u can clean them with a hammer
Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
We can always hack and mold it the way we want it. This is MCB after all....
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Just for Shiggles
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Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
Same gun as in post 652. I'll get some of my new-to-me Emag when the weather gets nice enough to take some.
Whoa. I just realized that part of the Hawai'ian design is on top of the image. *Mind=Blown*

For legititude:
Glamourshots (for AO's Mag of the Month: March)-

Again with the q-
Originally Posted by DoC19K View Post
This is a no pants kind of party so you should be good.
Steam & Origin: Redivulpis
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My ripper E/Xmag

Milwaukee Throwback(kinda...its really complicated)

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AKA "BlackGates-5"
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Originally Posted by rseb4agze View Post
My Pumpmag!
I think I've told you before in your BST thread but that thing is f'n beautiful...
Originally Posted by DSA View Post
I thought I smelled Similac on your breath at D-Day Captain Short

My Feedback:

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Wookie D*ck
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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.
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