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Ive always appreciated automags. I love that they are solid stainless steel basically. I love their heft and I love their simply external looks and that they are very easy to trouble shoot <level 7 and up>

I just wish there was a way for them to have a nicer trigger pull, and I always wanted them to be a bit more efficient.

Still, I love them, just feel so good.
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I love Mag's. Benn playing with them for about 4 yrs now. Level 10 will eliminate the chopping completely (I haven't had one in about 3 years).

Also, the RT valve is a-friggin-mazing! I don't know why I never picked one up sooner (just got this summer)!
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I just wish there was a way for them to have a nicer trigger pull, and I always wanted them to be a bit more efficient.
there are many ways to get that nicer trigger pull depending on what you are wanting.

softer, get a benchmark frame or even a powerlite frame. Longer trigger pull but much softer, IMHO I find them a bit mushy.

ULT, decrease the size of the on/off pin and the pressure has less area to push on so you get a lighter trigger pull. Through tuning you can also shorten the pull by only having the on/off pin seal against the o-rings and not push the pin inside the o-rings.

You can mod your sear or have it moded. Moving the hinge point on the clevis further up. This will shorten the trigger pull but also make it stiffer.

have a pneumatic trigger installed

take out side to side play by removing the trigger and enlarging the hole for trigger set pin on one side of the trigger. Then use an o-ring to put into the enlarged portion. You will want the o-ring to stick out of the hole just a little bit. This will widen the part of the trigger to help eliminate side to side play. The same may also be possible by using very thin washers or perhaps even lvl10 shims but I haven't tried that yet.

get a frame with trigger adjustments.

I got a few other things that can be changed but I need to get the pics off my other computer to post em for it.

Efficiency really isn't that bad, they just need that high input pressure so although you still have a decent amount of air you find yourself waiting in line with all the shocker users all day.
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