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cupofnoodles 10-10-2006 03:36 AM

How to remove rust off a 68 classic
So i left for school, and left my automag by the window. came backe 4 weeks later...

due to a leaky window... moisture has created rust on my poor mag =(

now how do i remove it?

anyway I can save the powdercoating?


LUKE 10-10-2006 06:00 AM


Originally Posted by cupofnoodles (Post 41175)
anyway I can save the powdercoating?


short If rust has gone underneath the powdercoating, it will lift it eventually. If you only have very light surface rust, and only pinhole sized spots, you may want to try a good vigorous brushing with a plastic bristle brush. Then, use a rust stopping lubricant on a soft cloth, and give it a rub down.

If more serious rust has set in, you can let all metal parts soak in molasses for a few days. Then, wash thoroughly, brush it, and give it a rub down with a rust stopping oil (I've used LPS in the past).

There are more severe lengths you can take such as Naval jelly, or letting the part soak in white vinegar. But, those can affect the finish on parts, and they would need to be re-blued or powdercoated (whatever the finish is)

Walrus 10-10-2006 01:31 PM

If it is a stock Automag body with the blasted gray finish, then you may be able to use a rust remover type stuff to get it off. There are things in the automotive cleaning section like GS27 (or what ever that scratch remover stuff is called) that is suppose to remove light surface rust and I am sure there are others. There are also metal polishes like Mothers and Wenol. I use Wenol alot and it is great for polishing up metal and it is suppose to remove light rust spots as well, I think.

If it really is a powdercoated finish, then I would be a little worried how much rust is actually underneigth the finish.

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