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To have the design that you illustrated done totally by machine, you'll need a machinist with access to a wire feed EDM machine.

EDM rates are in the ballpark of 100/hr with one hour setup time... And probably 1-2 hours run time.

If you decide to compromise on your pattern, and would accept 1/8" minimum internal radii... Then your new pattern could be done on a CNC mill.

Millwork runs between 40 and 70 bucks an hour. You're going to have 2 setups (one for each side). The shop would probably charge you 1.5 hours setup time, and still 1-2 hours run time.

If you want, some larger shops can offer handwork to specification. That would mean having your part milled with 1/8" internal radii, and then filed to get sharp corners internally. Rates for this will very.

The top slot will be a whole 'nother setup. Has to be done on a mill, but can probably be done on a manual mill. I don't know what the guys around here charge. I think you'd be looking at another 30-50 bucks to have a shop do it.

The most important thing to consider above all is the opportunity for failure. Custom work comes with a risk. And if a shop messes it up, they might not charge you, and you certainly would not get another gun to replace it. You want a very intricate pattern done. And that increases your risk significantly.

Finally... Don't be concerned about a professional machine shop that's never handled paintball equipment. Just tell them not to scratch the bores, and you won't have any problems. Your below-average machinist has handled parts much more critical than a paintball gun.

Good luck!
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so basically im dreaming? Cause i saw some of rainman229's work and from what ive seen he could do this with his eyes closed it seems. Perhaps im thinking of it to simply what if the bolt or sled had the design on it would that simplify this whole thing.
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