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Pressed feedneck removal. and install a new one

I have a mag that has a pressed feedneck. and i want to install one that can be removed. how much and who can do it?
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Which body do you have? I ask, because the only because there are very few Mags that use press in feednecks. Most are either silver soldered, in the case of the stainless steel bodies, or Angel threaded in the case of the ULE bodies and anything made from an AGD slug, such as DW bodies.

X-Mag modules are pressed in.

As to other bodies, such as IT bodies and PTP bodies I have no experience with, so someone else will need to answer that part of the question.


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IT bodies use angel thread feednecks as do PTP. If its a ULE body you have there heavyarms, just grab a strap wrench and some heat and that neck will twist off. I am assuming by press fit you mean it's either an Xmag feed module or a ULE body with a thread in neck. What kind of body? Pics would help.
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Some of the older PTP bodies were press fit. I believe there is someone on AO that does the mod.
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