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This might be a dumb question but are you guys trained machinists? dont take it the wrong way I was just wondering because technically I am just a well equipped amateur with a ton of Edison like experience. (ie I find at least 3 ways not to do something before i find the right one.)
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Trained no not exactly.. I apprenticed out of high school for a local shop. I told them give me access to the old manual tools pay me what ever. I did that for a few months and learned alot...... and fun fact, 5 cocker bodies that I milled way back in 2001 came out of that shop. Prior to me even owning anything tooling wise.

Fast forward 12 years. I am a NY state certified "operator" for anything manual and CNC related. But I am on the office end of the work doing the 3D design work and sheet metal fabrication. I rarely run tools at work unless It is something really odd. My day job is the most sci-fi of metal fab jobs..... I program all the operations going out to laser cutters

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I have one machine course under my belt from a community college, before I dropped out. I have a lot of self taught experience... Read that broken tooling and messed up parts... which helps with some of the foolishness I make Beyond a healthy smattering of common sense, usually supplied by others, no formal training.


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I am going into my final year of my Tool and Die maker apprenticeship. Before that I attended a few years of vo-tech machining school.

Still just a hobby to me, i just happen to be employed for my hobby.
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2 machining classes and one self paced 'independent study' where I made a marker I designed.

I'm flirting with etching myself CNC on the mill. Going to class isn't nearly as close to home as it used to be.
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I've got 41yrs under my belt ranging from battleships, nuclear sub refits right through to at least 35 yrs machining making miniture parts right up to 36" diameter prop shafts,
pnuematics and rebuild anything that moves
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i got hired on at my shop tuesday after highschool graduation

ran production cnc jobs on small lathes for about a year

then started bouncin around in the shop...
6 months on the cnc mills
4 months on the big lathes
8 months as a welder, fab guy
then got put in the model shop as a manual lathe/mill guy

took a few engineering classes in college, and 1 term of GD&T last year.....
everything i've learned was on the job training
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I started working in a machine shop when I turned 16, worked after school and on the weekend, then full-time in the summer. Right around when I was mid-17 I think, I purchased a knee mill and began learning on my own with some help from the shop I worked at. 7 years later and I've worked in several manufacturing areas doing everything from polishing to machining but my primary line of work is a college student (studying mechanical engineering and physics). Once that is wrapped up, I'll be looking for a job in the manufacturing field and hopefully after a few years of full time experience, I'll start my own shop doing lord knows what, but chips will be made!!!

On another note, re-trammed my mill in today, turns out I had about .002" deviation over 8 inches, got that down to under a quarter-thou over 8 inches and I'm ready to make some more chips. Also got the vice trammed to under a quarter-thou over 6". Finally got around to setting up my Z-Axis DRO two weeks ago as well.
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I think KPCS sums it up best. With "Glorified drill press operator".

I'm no machinist by trade. Hobbyist at most. I've learned the hard way of doing things right. And expensive lol.

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The funny thing is I got into this by mistake. In high school I wanted to be a mechanic. Took all the auto shop class and that.
After high school nothing happened like I wanted, I was a short order cook.
A family member worked at a Machine shop and told me of a opening.
Been in a machine shop ever since.
The shop I got into made Indexable Carbide Cutting Tools.
Everything I learned from the shop. About 26 years as a machinist.

I'm still a Glorified drill press operator though.

Ken W
I'm just a glorified drill press operator.
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