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custar 09-24-2007 10:07 PM

Question on Nova reg
The weekend before last, I enjoyed shooting my Nova (SN 1230), so this weekend I decided to work on my other Nova (SN 2130) which hasn't worked since it arrived over a year ago. It seems like the previous owner of #2130 put the spool valve return spring in the regulator assembly, and that didn't work well. I think I have it working now, but I need to refill a tank to verify tomorrow.
I took apart #1230 to clean it because I haven't done that since I acquired it a year and a half ago. Well, ignoring the problems in disassembly of this marker, I noticed a significant difference in the regulator assemblies between these two markers.

#1230 has two forward body o-rings, and the air enters the regulator from the body's intake hole directly via a hole in the thin part of the regulator assembly. #2130 has three forward body o-rings. The air enters the regulator via a how in the body of the regulator between the second and third o-ring and a hole aligned with the hole in the body. That made me remember some of the Nova regs were considered defective, and I can't locate the list of the SN's corresponding to the supposedly defective regulators. Does anyone have that handy? I think I'll hold off airing up either until I know.


AGDRetro 09-26-2007 11:06 PM

All over it!

Weren't the Novas recalled?

Yes and no. Some of the Novas were recalled. About 200 Nova 700s were recalled with a safety concern. The recalled Nova 700s can be identified by serial numbers 991 1500 through 991 1787. Additionally, any Nova 700s with lower serial numbers that had been returned to Air Star for maintenance may have had the newer regulator installed, and are affected by the recall. The reason for the recall is that with a change in regulator design there is a potential for failure in an overpressure relief valve. If the regulator fails and overpressurizes, and the relief valve fails, and a person (as one did) is using the paintgun in a partially disassembled state (has the sight rail screw, which locks some of the internal components in place removed), it is possible for the pressure to force the regulator body out the back of the gun. While this failure has only happened in one case which did not result in injury, Air Star has chosen to recall the affected Nova 700s even though the failure requires operator error (removing a vital screw) to occur. For complete recall information, see the Air Star web site.

Looks like yours (#1230 & #2130) are in the clear. It may just be a variation in production. Hope this has helped a bit!

custar 09-26-2007 11:37 PM

Thank you. I couldn't find that on PBN's Nova forum or here, and I forgot about the Warpig reference. It looks like Airstar just changed the design of the regulator some time between my two. I do remember the problem only arises if someone pressurizes the marker when all screws are not in place, so I am replacing a couple of screws that have rusty spots.


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