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I have a green/black acid washed PBX excal on the way.... just got serviced for eyes and covers along with new humphrey noids at DC.
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added a '03 red/black acid wash excal and modified the unmilled vike with a DM4 frame and all DM4 electronics...

DM-V mod here:

excal pics here:
- Tim Firpo - Airsmith
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Too many.

'03 black half mill Viking. The grips and drop are a bit different now.

03 blue acid wash Excalibur

03 black half mill Excalibur

04 black Viking (on the way)

Darned old Merlin in a strange multi-color confetti anno

Firepro, I just picked up a Javelin barrel that may match your red acid wash Excal. If you're interested in it, drop me an e-mail.


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I just got a viking and I absolutely love it. The efficiency is so amazing. 2500 or so off a full 68/4500. 50 perfect velocity shots(around 280fps) off a 12grm.
I love the marker to death, I won't be buuying another electro unless it is an aka brand.
For some reason, I can't upload a picture but it is a black unmilled 03 viking.
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I have owned, in order of appearance:

03 Unmilled Viking [traded for]:
Blue/black acid wash roundbody Merlin
04 Unmilled Viking
03 Unmilled Viking
03 1 of 2 BWAC hand-milled Viking [I still own it--have had it for over a year]
VSC AKA VLM...that was one sweet pump; had to sell it a few months back.

I'm right on the brink now of picking up either a Rollout or Immortal. Always wanted to try an Excal, though.
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I have a few ...
POG # 877
Originally Posted by Heebs View Post
You have serious problems Himura. I remember when I first started buying guns I would oogle your collection.
Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
I'm sad to say I've rejected some pretty choice poon before. Sometimes little Mayvik (brain) gets the better of big Mayvik (peen). I blame it on the a..aha ha ah...ah ah alcohol.
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97 STO slide trigger "Sweetie" completely "Geezerized"
04 unmilled Viking
04 smooth milled Ultra-Lite Excalibur - flat black anno

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To the numerous posters above:

Oh for craps sake... quit listing them and post the darn pictures already! Sheesh.

Dabbling in the recreational paintball arts since 1991.
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02 PBX Viking - Hopefully going to DC this coming fall/winter
AKA VLM Sniper

Still looking for a ncie Merlin and Excal to finish the fam.
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half milled Excal with 2 liter and SCM
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