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Maximizing Viking Efficiency

What are the tuning tips recommended to maximize the number of shots one can achieve with a Viking off a single fill?

Would any of the following be of value?

1. Ninja SLP Super Low Pressure Tank Regulator

2. If yes to above, would a HPA reg that goes under 275 psi be of value?

3. Dwell settings?

Any input appreciated. Thanks.
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I actually use a high pressure tank on mine and still get 2k off a 68/4500. Dwell settings depend on what board you are using as well as what solenoid you have. for humphrey noids I usually have mine set between 10-12 on the MAC noids it has to be set around 16-18 I think.
In my experience the best thing to do is get it shooting consistent with the lowest settings you can. For this you are going to need a chronograph.
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The SCM 3 should be set to a setting of about 70 PSI. You will need an AKA Valve tool for that. They are available at dc or through aka. It is very easy to set the lpr with this.

Brock hit the nail on the head with dwell as well. Also, lets not forget that you need smooth consistent paint and a matched barrel. You can't expect to shoot .685 paint out of a .691 barrel and get good efficiency.
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LP tank regs don't increase efficiency. Ninja themselves admitted that in a thread on pbnation. Running too low of pressure can also starve a marker if you don't have enough pressure gradient.

My experience which may be worth jack is that people had markers with crappy secondary regs, they went from a HP to a LP tank and the secondary reg output dropped which lowered their chrono. They feel like they get more shots but its because they are shooting 10fps slower on the LP tank.

I tested an angel mini reg once (garbage, I hate them with a passion) and going from a 450 to 850psi tank raised the output pressure by 50psi. I tried the same thing on a sidewinder and it made basically no difference, because AKA is baller.
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