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BIG BOB 07-25-2012 05:02 PM

Question about board compatibility
So I might pick up a package with 4 aka's in it and have a question about boards. The excal has the tadao board and I was wondering if that is universal for vikings and excals because I would like to swap it. And I am guessing that a viking was board is not compatible with an excal. Are was boards still available for excals? Thanks

aggroman 07-25-2012 06:20 PM

The tadao board might work. It depends if it is a M5 combo board or not. If it is it will work with both. The newer Tadao Ebisu board will work with either. I think you can use a WAS board in either but it might depend on firmware.

skinnyfatguy 07-25-2012 07:44 PM

Yes, the Tadao board (and any AKA board for that matter) will work in a Viking. Only the second run or combo Musashi ones will work in Excals as well as the Tadao Ebisu. As far as WAS boards any 1.6 and older will work in both, but the 2.0 will only work in Vikings. The easiest way to tell which version you have is to turn the board on in programing mode, see how many parameters there are, and match it up with the different versions of the boards.

Tadao Musashi (Gen 1): Viking Only
Tadao Musashi (Gen 2 "Combo"): Viking & Excal
WAS (2.0): Viking Only
Was (1.6 or lower): Viking & Excal

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