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Just curious as to whether or not these problems have been fixed. I'm looking into buying an SST myself and don't want a product that will cause headaches like these three have.

Has anyone else had a good experience with these regs or any other negatives?

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Really depend on what you are running, low psi valve I have no issue just some cockers required above 300 psi. I got some HP springs from them as well if I ever need to switch.
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Did you guys ever figure out what was going on with your SST regs? Was a LP tank ever tested with the regs?

I'm wondering if a LP tank would allow the SST to have a greater range of adjustment since it would be working against less pressure. Or if AKA switched springs as some point in production that lowered the output pressure from 400psi to 250psi.

I'm in a tough spot myself. I have a project going out for a custom ano and need to know if the SST can be made to output more than ~225psi. The gun could probably work on 225psi but it would be nice to have a buffer.

Thanks guys and sorry for the necro.
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