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So whats the deal with these ebisu boards?

I heard some bad things about them in excaliburs, but fine for vikings.

Does anyone use them in excals? If so have the issues been taken care of?
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ive only ever used one in a viking, but ive never heard of anyone having a problem with theirs


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It has to due with the additional current draw of running two solenoids vs one. They will not work with Mac noids. Humphreys are hit or miss from what I've heard.
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I had terrible luck with the Ebisu in my Excal, despite promises from Tadao that it would work perfectly and their insistence that it wasn't faulty. I know I'm not the only one to have these experiences. I sold it and went back to the Pandora board I was using before, and the marker is still going strong. I have an M5 in my Viking and it works GREAT so don't get down on Tadao as whole.
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My Excal is in the process of getting changed back to a Pandora. My Vike has an ebisu and it is totally awesome.
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my excel has no problems with the ebisu board, but it does have the Humphreys and its blind.
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My 04 Excal has no trouble what so ever with it...
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I have one installed in an 03 Excalibur w/eyes running Humphrey solenoids. After sending the marker to Jared @ Destructive Custom's it worked flawlessly for about a month. Now it has a bolt sticking issue, which I do not believe has anything to do with the Ebisu board I have installed in it. Upping the dwell on the marker fixes the issue, but running an Excalibur at 17.5 MS dwell just doesn't feel right at all(not to mention the still very inconsistent shots with reballs properly bored to the barrel.)

The board seems necessary to me in order to be able to use the marker in fields around me legally, it's not like any other board is really ever available for the Excalibur otherwise so I'm pretty stuck around it at least.
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02 blind excal, mac noids. no issues with using ebisu board
ran about 3k shots through it last week with no issues
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Excal with Ebisu

I tried it on my 03 Excal and it shoots fine for 300-500 shots then it resets. I then swapped it out for a Pandora board and now my Excal is perfect.

I put the ebisu into my Viking and it preforms better than when it had a Pandora.

So to sum up, if you can get it to work with your Excal then you are lucky and we all envy you.

In my opinion the idea board for the Excal is Pandora and for the Viking is Ebisu" width="644" height="390">" />">
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