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AirAssault 01-30-2008 12:34 PM

I have my Viking now what?
Just picked up a Viking and was wondering what I should do with it internally/board wise. I know every one likes different set ups for different reasons but I'm fishing for some ideas.

The 3 amigos well the X is spoken for but they look good together.

Pics of the Viking. Has WAS board and the rest you can see.

Any suggestions you may have will be cool. I don't play a lot because I work so much but when I do I like to throw a LOT of paint to give you an idea of my playing style.

Greenmtnphantom 01-30-2008 12:40 PM

Well I can't speak much for differant set ups as my current set up is the only one I have ever had for a viking but I love the way mine works.

So my suggestions are a SCM and a robtown valve.

custar 01-30-2008 04:02 PM

What board is in it?

Other than possibly changing the board, Greenphantom hit the only internal upgrade on the head, at least the only one you will notice. That's the nice thing about AKA's; AKA used the best components they could find or make themselves, so numerous upgrades are neither needed nor really possible. Breaks your heart, doesn't it, to have a marker not need expensive upgrades?\

Oh, do make sure you have a good battery. AKA's are sensitive to weak batteries. I guess this might qualify as an upgrade; buy rechargeable 9.6v or rechargeable lithium batteries.


Greenmtnphantom 01-30-2008 04:08 PM

Just a little food for thought I'm looking into getty my javalin borred for inserts.

Also a lot of people feel that they are too heavy and have them milled. A lot!

Personally most of the millings (is that a word?) I have seen make it look kind of anorexic.

Treadstone 01-30-2008 04:15 PM

She is good to go as is, everything else if preference. Depending on which version of the WAS software you may want to flash it up so you can have all the fancy modes, if you are into that thing. If the humungo blade isn't you thing there are a number of options but it all in what you want. Robtown valves, SCMs, milling are more a matter of preference as some swear by and some swear at. I'd say air her up and go sling some paint.

AirAssault 01-30-2008 05:10 PM


Originally Posted by Treadstone (Post 303013)
I'd say air her up and go sling some paint.

I did today, ohhhh me likey. :gunsfiring: pretty nice to have under 1klbs in the tank and still shoot off a hopper, if I tried that with the Dmag :ROTFL: I do plan on cutting it but not right away, not really in a hury. Thanks for the info. :thumbup:

hmudd13 02-03-2008 04:12 AM

You'll have to let me know when you're bringing her out to the field, and I'll bring mine. It's purple too!
We could totally paint the forest. lol
Last time i had mine out I went through 2300 rds. SHHEEEEESSHH!

majinebz 02-05-2008 08:29 PM

RT valve, tadao board, SCM3 LPR. milling if you want to go that route.

Good luck on the RT valve all of them are spoken for (Jared's last batch and not planning on any more)

You know about right?

going_home 02-05-2008 08:57 PM

I've been offered 550.00 for my beat up 03 Viking and wouldnt take it.
I've had brand new Egos Angels etc and wouldnt trade this Viking for any of them. What a work horse and trouble free paint waster it is.
THEE best electronic marker I have ever had bar none.

Heres how mine is set up.

Tadao board, my opinion the best (and I've had 4 or 5 AKA markers with Was, Pandora, etc)

Soda Can Mod (SCM-III) AKA's internal regulator upgrade

Mitey Max volumizer (DC's is just as good)

Destructive Customs Robtown valve (lowers air consumption and noise by half, if you cant afford any other upgrade this one is a must have upgrade)

And the next best upgrade, the Nurvious trigger. Awesome. Like a Tunablade on an Emag.

Destructive Customs Gallery

EDIT: Dont waste your money and time on milling. You will never recoup the money. People spend 12-1300.00 on milling and re-anodizing and end up selling them for 800.00 if they are lucky.
(and you lose the use of the marker for 2 or 3 months while its at DC)


himurax13 02-10-2008 03:40 AM

Well let us say I have owned a an AKA marker or two ;). With your marker I suggest getting a trigger and an ASA that you find comfortable. I also suggest getting a different barrel, most are the same so basically it comes down to personal preference. As far as boards go, I didn't care for the Pandora but the WAS and the Tadao boards are good. If you have a WAS, don't bother getting the Tadao unless you simply must have the extra options that you will probably never use. After all that just drop some oil in the ASA and go out and play. Just make sure you have a response to the question "WTF is that?"

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