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Merlins are based off of the original Autococker, but different. Basically in the machining of the marker, tighter tolerances and such, as well as a few of the operational principles that people have mentioned here.

Originally Posted by Cunha View Post
A Merlin IS an autococker.

The lower tube is different, it is one size (ID) all the way, and it takes a valve that normal cockers dont take, a rather large valve. This valve allows it to operate at extra low pressures while maintaining good efficiency. Side effect is that the opening force seems to be a bit higher than good normal cocker valves, so the ram is going to be running a bit higher LPR pressure so its more likely to actually have enough force to cut a ball in half in the case of a short stroke.

Also not all merlins are mini's just almost all of them.

It is an autococker.

The other difference is that WGP autocockers have crappy feednecks. On bodies that are actually threaded they have a male threaded portion, so the feedneck screws over that. This leads to hoppers that are sitting higher than they do on almost any other gun.

And of course WGP bodies can be all over the place tolerance wise. Some are great, some are way off.

Basically the reason they are extra popular now is that there was kind of a renaissance of them, the name is mystical and people assume that they were by far the best autocockers ever made because they are AKALMP. They are definitely great but they aren't shoo ins.

Honestly they just have a great name and aka stuff has become semi mystical. They also have a nice blocky style that just looks rock solid. I love um. AKALMP offered a lot of different milling styles on merlins, random peppers and swooshes and swirls and tear drops and round bodies (basically a big slot with a rounded top tube). They were sold as kits for the most part.

Splatt attack made the "revenge" the revenge v1 is based off of the AKA VLM body which is simply a vertical feed mini cocker with 99 front block threads. This was made before WGP was putting out (or before they were obtainable) vertical feed bodies and everyone wanted them.

The revenge v2 is a merlin, they had trigger frames with the 4 way located in the center and the linkage went through the middle of the trigger frame. Supposed to make for a better trigger pull and at the least it looks nice and unique. The LPR is mounted in the center on the front block screw. The revenge is available in the type with swooshes that form an R on each side, or the LE which is a revenge roundbody. The revenge v3 is a unique gun with a side mounted ram, you dont need to worry about those because wolf 13 likely has the only one in existence.
I can't really argue with you much on this, except the V1's are also Merlins. Actually, the original Revenges, after talking to someone that really does know them better than any of us, were made from WGP Cockers. Then there were some made from Merlins that did not have the V1 Z (Meant to be a S for Splat). I can't say much about these Pre-Revenges, but I am looking to get one, for a steal. Then the V2 was pretty much the same as the V1, but with R hand milled streaks in the sides, the V2 LE's were round bodies. The V3, well, I think that there was only one. The tech made it for a specific reason, that actually resolves back to the Pre-Revenges (He told me that two or three of them operated at about 150 PSI).

Oh, and AKA only made Viking and Excals in non milled (The classic block), half mill (A series of carats [<<< >>>]) going down about half way from the back, and pointing to the front, and then the full mill (Which had the same carats all the way down the body). Everything else was done by places like JMJ, DC, and other companies that no longer mill, or least don't mill paintball markers. You will find currently that only two companies still mill Vikings and Excals, DC (Destructive Customs) and Tarantula (But your best bet is to find a user on PbN and the AKA Owners Group name Code Geass FTW to actually have reliable contact and get your work done).

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AKALMP also made a milling on excals called "edge" looks like diamonds machined onto the side of the gun. Not sure if they ever made any vikings with edge milling.

As far as I know the V1 revenges are VLM bodies (AKA made, 99 spec lower tube, good bodies)

But I suppose I could be off on that point, but I am pretty sure.
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Originally Posted by Gogged_Gurl View Post
all the various mill jobs you see on vikings and excals are almost all aftermarket,AKA only offered 3 types,no milling,half mill,or full mill.

the caps you see on the front of a viking,the left is a cap over the valve is just a cap,but the right is the LPR,in the rear the left is just a cap the right is the hammer cart. the SCM is a replacment LPR available from aka still as far as i know
only if you dont count the runs done by various companies. such as JMJ and a few others for the immortal featherlight crusader highlander and one or two others. has a good list of what companies did what milling and which are DC milled and which trantula did
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I only tip if my server gives me a happy ending.

And then the tip is usually "You should duck now."
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merlin valve larger also-spider size

Yes its true, the merlin valves were the same size as the spider valves, with the exception of the valve pin not having any material removed from it so it would not blow back. it also used a high speed grease in the stem to help stop the blowthrough. i have a merlin valve in my spyder pump i made and it works great.
i also have a merlin body cocker that runs around 180 on co2. shoots great.
it is unannoed and un milled.
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Originally Posted by onionheadfriend View Post
only if you dont count the runs done by various companies. such as JMJ and a few others for the immortal featherlight crusader highlander and one or two others. has a good list of what companies did what milling and which are DC milled and which trantula did

? thats exactly what i said, AKA offered 3 styles,the rest are aftermarket.
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