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SpinDoctor15 01-18-2007 01:07 AM

I got my 2004 Viking working!!!
I recently bought a non-functioning 2004 Viking (with missing parts to boot). I ordered a new valve stem/spring/end cap from Jared at DC, and installed them. When I first aired it up, and tried to shoot paint through it, it pushed the balls out at about 180 fps. So I Upgraded the Sidewinder pressure. Then I heard a leak from the grip frame, so I thought the solenoid was going to pop like it did on my 03 Viking (see here for that fiasco: Then I lowered the SCM pressure, but the SCM leaked from the front adjustment cap. I got frustrated, de-gassed it, and took it home. I played all day at the field with my '03 Viking which worked great.

So tonight, I popped the tool kit on the '04, and installed the pressure tester. I backed out the SCM to the minimum position. Sure enough, as soon as I screwed the ASA on/off in just a little ways, the pressure spiked right up to the max. Needless to say, I de-gassed the marker and took apart the SCM. Lo and behold, the two o-rings on the very end of the SCM (the part internal to the gun) were split completely. They wouldn't hold back the pressure from the Sidewinder, and hence wouldn't allow the SCM to perform its job. I replaced the o-rings and disassembled/oiled the SCM while I was at it. Put it back together, backed out the LPR, gassed it up, and the guage read 0 psi. Sweet... I adjusted it to 65 psi, and here's the result:

Man I can't WAIT to get out there and try this thing now!

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