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  1. Hooligan's Walzmas giveaway #2
  2. Hooligan's Walzmas giveaway #1
  3. Winter Is Coming Giveaway
  4. WINNER!!!Hint a day give away
  5. Beginners Pump and Semi Package Giveaway
  6. Spin your tale for an Ion
  7. The free to you Walz build....
  8. DONE! Kaput! Splatmaster Givaway!
  9. Walzmas a/c hammer time
  11. Getting my Freak on!
  12. Name color change giveaway! UPDATE
  13. MCB Kilt Give-Away
  14. Gun for a new Player (tuned by me!) - For you to regift!
  15. Weird Hopper Wednesday Walzmas
  16. Walzmas Lukes Custom Automag! Freedummy!
  17. Feeling blue this holiday season? Win an "A' la carte" flex!
  18. Season of the Walzmas autococker
  19. The Defiant Walzmas Pass
  20. Year of the WalzER2 Giveaway
  21. It's cold out there, so you could use a new coat! - We have a WINNER
  22. Razorback Ho Ho Ho - We have a WINNER
  23. Another Walz Brass giveaway, membership drive.
  24. LB gives away a hockey puck
  25. My First Walzmas: Congrats killerito!
  26. If I had a Hammer...winner Axel!
  27. Sheridan wood for the holidays...
  28. LB's Stainless J&J Automag Barrel Giveaway
  29. Modded JT ER2 giveaway
  30. Christmas Maxflo
  31. Giving away barrel kit and a handmade holiday gift
  32. A Spyder Came Down the Walzmas Chimney!
  33. Ranger Vest & Mystery Items for Walzmas
  34. Walzmas ER2S Giveaway
  35. Walzmas: cigar box Freak case
  36. Christmas Spirit in the Style of Walz - skinny stock class
  37. too much cr*p in my sack...
  38. The 12ie's of Walzmas
  39. Walz Brass Giveaway! Ends Midnight 12/10/17. SOLO WINS
  40. The great holiday giveaways continue- part two
  42. Walzmas Giveaway for a Giveaway!
  43. Merry Walzmas
  44. Tis the Season T9
  45. Be a Grinch Giveaway!! Dec 1st Draw
  46. On the 1st Brass of Walzmas... WINNER ANNOUNCED
  47. Walzmas Spyder MR1 - Winner drawn!!
  48. TCPaintball Walzmas Giveaway Dec 1st Draw
  49. Small Stock Class Giveaway
  50. WALZMAS eNMEy - Winner
  51. Walzmas 6+1 Harness Giveaway - WINNER
  52. killerito's giveaway. Winner has been chosen.
  53. ER2-Haiku Giveaway - Winner Announced!
  54. Walzmas strykER4 tank giveaway. 3rd and final winner picked.
  55. WALZ giveaway Genesis Surge
  56. Walzish giveaway - Winner picked - Congrats TCPaintball!
  57. WALZ style giveaway: 6x kydex mag inserts... 4 no 5! Winners announced.
  58. The Great Holiday Season Giveaway