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  1. How do you guys carry your tubes?
  2. Do "feedback" threads actually reflect reality?
  3. Question about an older Spyder
  4. Why no store reviving dead paintball guns & makes new ones that uses your old parts?
  5. Not proud
  6. Where to buy dow55
  7. Is your field BYOP
  8. What HPA tanks do y'all recommend now?
  9. Knee brace for paintball
  10. Shooting the Atom6 projectiles inside your house!
  11. "What kind of gun is that?"
  12. Score?
  13. Just found out what my recurring shipping issues was
  14. BL Millennium Spyder bodies?
  15. Trracer under the barrel pump kit
  16. How long is too long?
  17. Best place to buy o rings
  18. Got an empty box, filed claim...
  19. FEW 2017: When you fly across the country to meet a legend...
  20. Maybe time for a new Semi Auto
  21. Anyone seen the tacomo blizzard magged conversion kit
  22. Pumpkin 'Carving' Contest
  23. Radio/Walkie Talkie experts for paintball use on hand?
  24. A what if question regarding NIB vintage markers
  25. Investing when all you know is paintball...
  26. Centre 50 Interview: Flash/Birchy Australia
  27. I got to play with a (new to me) Pro/Carb today...
  28. Weaponcrates/Brewstew Airsoft Video, who has a relatable story?
  29. JT DL9 - anybody actually use one often?
  30. My first mod in years: Tippmann TMC M16A1/A2
  31. What would convince you to play paintball more nowadays
  32. Stolen Marker Alert: From EMR this past weekend
  33. identify this, if you can
  34. interest in boring powdercoat jobs?
  35. EMR - The Old School Revival game that wasn't [Photo Edition]
  36. Looking for a fun gun
  37. Source for #10-32 to 1/16" barb swivel fittings?
  38. Washington DC/Northern VA paintball
  39. Talk to me about the last couple of year Dye markers
  40. I sure hope this trend continues!
  41. So... Forums?
  42. What do y'all think of shields on a rec ball field?
  43. CCI quick changer tip
  44. Team eXtreme Discharge
  45. Anyone Have Blue?
  46. Couple of random questions. (Trigger and camo)
  47. $5 Charity Raffle for a New X-Valve Mag!!
  48. At EMR right now!
  49. Online Paintball Retail Options
  50. New, smaller T8.1 derivative from First Strike- FSC?
  51. Take a Moment to LOL at This Relatable Photo from 80's APG
  52. My thoughts on the Valken Code and the GI lawsuit
  53. I actually went out and played my 1st game of the year
  54. Muzzle brakes?
  55. I just grew the pump community!
  56. Custom metal grip panels
  57. Where's the DIY Freak Sheridan thread?
  58. Making a kid's day
  59. Best cheap box for Oring organization?
  60. What hand file should I use for re-shaping sears
  61. As time goes by
  62. Who has all the autococker parts
  63. How 'bout a vertical-feed R/T Automag?
  64. Those "wait, THAT was your master plan?!?" moments.
  65. Angel memories
  66. First Strike is doing a free t15 raffle
  67. ID On This ASA Adapter?
  68. New Bacci video
  69. Autococker bolt pins!? interest thread
  70. Annodizing- What should I know?
  71. Slow Mo Guys - Paintball Collision!
  72. Looking for San Antonio Paintball
  73. F#%*!!! Photobucket
  74. Camo does matter in paintball. Enemy surrounds me, but do they find me?...
  75. Who offers a small bore one piece barrel?
  76. Is making fun of airsoft allowed?
  77. In Memoriam
  78. Cool marker stand (actually a wine bottle holder)
  79. Doc Zox
  80. Semi auto marker with air in rear
  81. Do clear sportshots/similar exist?
  82. Lpr id
  83. qmto Reviews - D3fy D3s
  84. New markers/Old Markers... parts manufacturing, etc
  85. It's my first time...
  86. Steel braided line lengths
  87. Maddman spring kits
  88. Do not buy from ANS gear.
  89. Why does it seem like everyone uses photobucket?
  90. Generic First Strike Rounds
  91. Putting *SOLD* In Title Field
  92. Kevin QMTO
  93. Bunkhouse?
  94. Photo updates
  95. Just snagged this off evilBay
  96. Marker you couldn't afford, but can now...
  97. Introducing "The Duke", a from-scratch Lever Action!
  98. Old CO2 tanks: What to do?
  99. The Sellswords Khaos SNUB Revolver.
  100. Help me design a small tournament
  101. Paintball confessions: wait wait wait
  102. Would there be interest?
  103. Paintball.media August 2017 just dropped!
  104. Source for barrel bag cord
  105. Paintball - The Argument Against aka Why I'm Mentally Done
  106. The result of too much time on my hands = Old school paintball rap
  107. I don't care for automags...
  108. And now for something Completely Different: Project X!
  109. 40c Crosman 12g's $16.99
  110. Why isn't 1-versus-1 Paintball a thing?
  111. Rivalry of two sports
  112. Pegboard questions for collectors
  113. A look at the B.E. adjustable HPA system from the 90's
  114. Pumper tank talk
  115. Win a Vanquish SS or KP3 & support Sons of the American Legion
  116. Stock Class In The Rain
  117. Cci drop out changer or bucket changer?
  118. Nerf arena - lame but fun
  119. ATOM6- ultra-low-energy indoor paintball alternative
  120. Inside the old 3-ways...
  121. Help building spring fed pistol
  122. New Vid: Refs Inc Interviews Australia
  123. Thx for the manuals giveaway. Stryker.
  124. Glenn Palmer talks about the early semi auto rifles from 1988 to 1990
  125. Springfield/MO area- stolen gear.
  126. Given a sack of old BBS markers
  127. qmto Reviews - Spyder Fenix
  128. First game & elimination with PGP
  129. Mask recommendation for long face
  130. Shout out to melvin, and build thread
  131. Moving-The cannonball run and a superman
  132. Renegade Paintball in the Projects!
  133. O Ring Sizes?
  134. Holycow.Best new gun everrrrr.
  135. Before you sell your freak barrel to get a new freak xl barrel.
  136. Photobucket is ruined - whats the next best option?
  137. Baby Ghost + reg = early numbers
  138. Stock Class (mostly) Compilation Video
  139. I'm in search of a MOLLE pod pack.
  140. Quick question on RTR frame block
  141. qmto Reviews - Some 10 year old paintballs
  142. Is it time we start calling things "Mid School?"
  143. Ontarians: Virtue Lenses
  144. What should I do (ccm frame block)
  145. Finding stuff
  146. The Stolen/Missing Revenge V3
  147. Your Play Style? With a twist
  148. Russian Paintball Gun on CL
  149. What mech marker for 12 gram use
  150. Team Identifiers
  151. Monkey's 10 Man Video: Australia
  152. First Strike only game
  153. Stock class only teams
  154. Paintball and beer in perfect harmony
  155. New 98
  156. Best use of a paintball gun I've seen so far this year
  157. Where is Paintball at in 2017?
  158. Favourite Paints?
  159. Where should I start?
  160. Walz t shirts for sale
  161. Anyone order from topstich recently?
  162. New Hard print Paintball Magazine.
  163. Add a First Person View Of Your Marker...
  164. Looking for the perfect switch
  165. Barn finds!!!
  166. someone to thread Shoebox Shocker neck?
  167. A Tip of the Cap to CC in Today's Whiteboard?
  168. Things we will never see again in paintball.
  169. The wife
  170. PTP foregrip/expansion chamber disassembly
  171. Bulk HpA, or buy my own compressor?
  172. 45 or 86* frame
  173. Oh, macroline!
  174. Help me create the next New England sc event!
  175. I am looking for my old PPS eblazer
  176. really....
  177. Does anyone have a cad schematic for a pre2k front block internal air passages
  178. Paintball.media magazine is out LLX coverage
  179. Question for those who heavily customize/mod their guns
  180. Is SSC's website safe to order from
  181. A free build for you- MAr made me do it...
  182. Spring kit
  183. Life Accomplishment or Sign of a Problem
  184. Are you still out there Rob?
  185. Classifications for Selling Paintball items?
  186. Nelson pump handles
  187. Missing Topic?
  188. reuseable fsr
  189. Just a few newbie questions...
  190. Custom length braided hose?
  191. delete
  192. Mech single trigger Gtek prototype (video)...
  193. Sellswords Khaos Revolver Conversion kits!
  194. Happy Star Wars Day - May the Fourth be with You
  195. What is this vibrating hopper?
  196. The PPS Blazer. Talk me in, or talk me out.
  197. Will nelspot parts fit a trracer
  198. Introducing the KPX Rifle
  199. Times have changed
  200. Sometimes, its the inexpensive things...
  201. WHAT!!! Inception Designs retro predator cocker.
  202. Shipping times....
  203. What's a guy to do?
  204. Anyone still order with TitusPB/Celanis Paintball?
  205. Who wants to be the one to tell him...
  206. Question to nerf football shooters
  207. The people we enjoy seeing on the field
  208. Help me build me a parts-bin Sniper
  209. ANS Gear no free shipping?
  210. Going back to the basics
  211. Where to get paint in bags or half cases?
  212. Hellooo Magfed
  213. .50 Paintball Variability?
  214. What is your "Perfect Pump"?
  215. kohn sports
  216. ADN Magazine Adapter?
  217. Hells survivors- pump Sunday's?
  218. Paintball based window stickers for a car
  219. Nice little cl snag.
  220. WALZ inspired giveaway - VIDEO OF THE WINNIG DRAW
  221. Can anyone explain to me:
  222. Otter SC
  223. Looking for ....
  224. Paintball consistency?
  225. Everlasting tank
  226. iON Cool-iCam as barrel camera?
  227. Houston Area Stock Class & Pump
  228. Has Anyone Ordered From "paintballgunsplatter.com"?
  229. Looking for an old expansion chamber
  230. HPA "Tank" Cannon Designs
  231. Any interest in a Hawaiian head wrap?
  232. dye elbow pads....ugh
  233. Returning to paintball, things I never considered...
  234. Warp Feed
  235. 350 cc 4500 psi tank
  236. Another note on wonky 12gs
  237. Better 1 or 2? Help me decide please.
  238. Tank covers
  239. Another custom 007, with a twist...
  240. Have you SPEW'ED?
  241. Preview: A SPEW giveaway marker
  242. Central NJ Autococker Rebuild/Timing Help?
  243. What bit of gear or equipment has exceeded your durability expectations?
  244. Tactical Kilts!
  245. Nxl mechanical division 2017
  246. Source for swivel fittings for braided hose?
  247. buying an old cocker.
  248. Former OSOK members
  249. who's got a new set up? this guy....
  250. Gear Hauling Options