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Unhappy Rap4 D.Eagle HELP!

So I recently Purchased a RAP4 D.eagle from some1 on craigslist for a deal. Overall physically it appeared to be in great condition. I aired it up and there was a small leak coming from the back of the marker near the lower right side somewhere near the hammer(valve?)
I disassembled the marker(somewhat) but cant seem to break it down any more and check the valve( or any o-rings) for that matter
Does anyone have one of these and could send me a short vid or some pics about the dis assembly of this marker. Unfortunately it didnt come with an instruction manual
heres where Im at so far

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I have not taken an eagle to bits, but if this follows the same APS format look for a screw under the rear sight window to unscrew the back slide should come off, and or a pin holdin the lower section (grip and trigger) knock it out and the whole upper should come off (there is also a looking arm on the deagle that removes the top slide)

and hen usually the hole internals just fall out, oncein side lMK as they area a PITA to work on.

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I cant find a screw under the rear sight. There are only 2 screw that I can see at the moment. 1, just north of the breach, but I unscrewed that 1 and nothing would come apart, and another on the safety, just below the rear sight on the left side of the marker. Neither of these helped me in breaking the marker down further. I can even reassemble it for some reason
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First, slide the cocking slide to the rear and then lift the back up and out to get off.
Then, in order to pull the regulator/Valve assembly there are two pins in the grip frame you must push out first. Once those are out you can carefully grab the top of the valve and wiggle the assembly out. On the left hand side (from the rear) there is a small spring for the slide release that likes to pop out and fly as it disengages so keep you thumb over it.
Overall the DE is by far the simplest of the RAM marker, being single action only. If you're careful about it the only really painful part is getting the recoils springs to stay during barrel assembly.
The original o-rings are crap, and they are very suceptable to grit causing leaks. Most of my leaking originated on the poppit on the backside of the assembly opposite the regulator.
I would snap pics but I sold my DE a while back.
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