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Sniper 1's were full body but no sight rail. The sight rail was bolted on the top (most took them off). Also had Sheridan frames. Very early ones had square asa's.

Sniper 2's had integrated dovetails. The early transition S2's used the same older pump, bolt and cocking rod styles of the S1's just to use up stock. They did though come with the newer pivot trigger frames. Once the old stock was used the S2's started coming with a deeper ribbed pump, pull out bolt (versus the older bolt that was retained with a screw) and smaller knob on the cocking rod.

S3's used the mini cocker bodies. Because there was no asa they used a fitting from the front of the body to run a hose to the bottomline. Same body and accessories as the S2. The pump had no guide rod and was a carryover from the Ranger.

I have seen the frames changed and any body can be tapped for the anti detent try not to base age on them.
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thank you,
I was under the influence of stupidity when I wrote that I guess, lol... drugged up, sicker than a dog... lol
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SN# 272 Since we're whipping out Sniper pics

Man I've got to take some better pics of this.

Paintball is fun!
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