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Looking for project ideas...

I'm looking for ideas for a project that will keep me busy for the remainder of the winter.

I don't really want an Autococker (I'm MORE than satisfied with my Blazers), but I've been kind of stuck on building one from the ground up. The problem is that I have NO IDEA what I need or how to assemble it... I suppose that's where the 'project' part comes in. Anyway, I figured a 'cocker would be enough work to figure out, build, etc., that it would take me a while to do, except I don't really want a 'cocker. Depending on my investment I could give it away - just not sure.

So I guess I'm open to suggestions, opinions, criticisms, or anything else you want to throw my way... My goal is to learn about a 'new' gun, or something along those lines.
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buy parts.

Find a body that you like and start buying parts that you like. I went through 3 or 4 cockers on "for repair only" or "don't know anything about this" auctions and ended up with this after I built, sent for anno, timed and whatevered...

I don't like cockers either... but after I finished this one I knew a LOT about pneumatics that I didn't know before I started, and it helped me understand quite a bit about how several guns operate. I sold it for what I had in it to a MCB member. I think Chaos still has this one.

Fiddle away man! You'll have a great time.
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'Cockers are the ultimate 'project' marker out there. There are so many parts made by so many different manufacturers out there, not to mention the pure-mech vs sear-tripper vs electropneumatic options (the latter is tougher by far to accomplish). I started out with a stock '00 and wound up with a marker that doesn't have anything stock left on it except the front-block bolt.
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Is there anything I should stay away from when looking for parts?

I'm assuming if I find, for example, a 2000 body I like that I'll need to start searching for 2000 parts, right?

I'd hate to end up winning a bunch of auctions (or whatever) for miscellaneous parts that don't work together.
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1) If you buy a 2K+ body, the only thing you really need to make sure you have are a 2K+ front block and 2K+ gas block screw. You only need a 2K+ bolt if your backblock is also 2K+. If you get a pre-2k backblock, you'll need a pre-2k bolt. Other than that, all other parts are interchangable.

2) Although cockers are fun project guns, building an Intimidator from the ground up is also very satisfying. They are also very simple...but that is coming from someone who soley built cockers for 8 years. IMO they are easier than cockers to work with.

If you don't go with a cocker, I recommend building a 2 cents.
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Go with a 97 body and set it up in the Thompson configuration, then enter it into the Winter Woodworking Project (details in the custom forum)
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