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What happened to Scarecrow?

I have been trying to get a hold of him for some work. I notice that his website is down. He also has responded to my pms or emails. Does anyone here know how to get in touch with him?

Thanks guys

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Ya I have been trying to get ahold of him to.

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Scarecrow has had periods before of disappearing, then reappearing. I believe a few years ago he ran into a few problems with his town and some sort of zoning bylaws concerning his running a business out of his residence. I'm not 100% sure, but I think his site also went offline briefly one other time. My last interaction with him was about a year and a half ago, and he had told me he was in the process of setting up a new shop. I had ordered some brass tubing and a few odds and ends, which never materialized. After about 2 months, I asked him politely if he could either send the stuff, or just do a refund. He apologized, and sent the refund that day (paypal). He has been known to be a tad delayed in answering his email too. I suspect (and would hope) that he'll eventually resurface.
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He is around, just busy. I was able to reach him via pm last week.
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i bought a dummy 12 gram from him and got it a month later. that was a month ago.
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I just sent a PM to him. He has some Poison seals of mine he is looking to copy.
Hopefully he'll get back to me.
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I had an experience very similar to Luke's, only Scarecrow offered me my money back without having to ask for it. I was a little disappointed to not get the parts I wanted, but I respect his choice to be straight up with me about it.
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Oh no.
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I've had some custom work awaiting finishing (starting ?), since November 20th. He originally said it would take about a month. Then got back to me a month ago saying the Snow Storms we've all had, have knocked back his time-frames a bit. Understandably.

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He used to be fairely reliable before he was shut down a couple years ago. His prices were great and his machining was decent but a little wonky at times. I had picked up several items from him a while back.


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I currently have him work on a marker. Last correspondence was on 7 Feb 07, but I have no reason to think things are going as planned. Give it a little time, and good luck!
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