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Is my HPA tank's integrity compromised?

I always use a Dye cover on my 68/4500 and rarely remove it. However, when I removed the Dye cover to use the tank with a coiled remote on a pod pack today, I noticed a large crack on the bottom of the tank. Some players at the field told me that I shouldn’t worry, that it looks like only the plastic coating is cracked, and not the actual fiber wrapping the bottle.

Still, I am concerned that the tank won’t pass hydro because of this. But worse yet, what has caused this crack to form on my tank? I purchased this brand new back in late January and have only noticed this today. Like I said, the Dye cover rarely gets removed, so I don’t know how long the crack has been there.

Is this only cosmetic? Can I put epoxy to fill the crack or should I send it in to Ninja? I wouldn't want to put my safety at risk with this.
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I have heard from Ninja that a LOT of tanks have the black coating cracked and chipped. From what they told me, it is nothing to worry about as it is only the cosmetic covering. I have seen pictures of Ninja tanks completely spider-web over in cracks after expanding during a fill. You may want to speak to them though.

I have a chip on the coating near the valve. Ninja just told me to use epoxy to cover it if it really bothered me.
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I would phone ninja they seem to have good costumer service and will help you explore you options.
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I recently sent NinjaPB a 68/4.5k PE tank for a reg swap. The tank had some loose chipping that covered the size of a 25 cent US coin. They returned it with the loose stuff off and added NO epoxy. Good for 5 more good years now.
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I sent Ray over at Ninja some pictures, we'll see what he says about it.

If it's cosmetic, I can live with it!
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I don't know, will you have trouble at the field getting a fill with that sort of crack? My local fields won't fill a tank if it is anything less than perfect.
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Thankfully league members have self-serve fill stations, so I should be good.
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My field gave me issues with some of my 9 HPa tanks... most of which aren't in hydro.

Now, I drive around with two scuba tanks! HAH!

But yeah man, that isn't something to worry about unless the fibre wrapping underneath is damaged.
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I have a ninja 50/45 that I got in 09 and it is cracking like crazy... I was thinking about calling them up to find out what was up with it. I am not happy at all... I was wondering when I have to get it hydro'd will they still hydro it with all the cracks? I know that is not for a long time, but still would like to know....
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Hmmm... I was going to get a 90ci Ninja. This thread just changed my mind.

If I were you guys with the cracked tanks I would send them back.
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