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Listessa 06-23-2006 05:46 PM

Real Action Paintball T68?
What do you all think?
I recently had one of their T68s given to me as a gift. (Yes, someone has close to a nice thought, but I'm not so sure I'm overly intersted in it)

Just had a chance to read up about them a little, and for the most part the reviews don't look that promising. Granted the thing is realistic, got decent weight to it, but I don't really like the way it weighs alot with so much plastic on it as well.

I'm yet to take it apart (just got home from work and started pokeing around the internet) but from outward appearneces the trigger looks and feels like my the Thundercat, and cocks like a VM. I think it's spyder threaded, but I havn't looked overly closely.

I don't know... The verdict is still out on my thoughts regarding this one. It's not the instant love I got from the VMs, the Cockers, the Carters, or the Hurc. I mean it looks pretty realistic and cool that way, but I don't know. Not something I would have put money on anywho.


Zerochance 06-23-2006 10:09 PM

I've got one. Good scenario marker. Shoots as well as any spyder clone. Yes it is spyder threaded. You aren't going to get an awesome rate of fire out of it. But then again, for scenario play that can be a good thing. Keeps you from running out of paint. Basically it comes down to if you want a marker that 'looks' like a firearm. After using mine at OK DDay I decided that, while it is overall a good marker, I would rather have performance than realism. I plan on hawking mine and picking up a project cocker to build into my ultimate scenario marker. I think the primary reason for my decision however was the difficulty I ran into in trying to mount a Scepter grenade launcher to the T68.

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