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someone i know (i would call them an aquantence) was 'suspended' after jury duty up here in canada... they wound up winning a suit against their employer to the tune of $30k

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Well, I got the grand-jury summons switched to a petit jury summons which means I serve for one-day or one-case depending on whether I am selected to sit a jury or not. That is a whole lot better than the mandatory 27 days for Grand Jury. GJ would have been far more interesting as that is the indictment process and you go through a whole bundle of cases and approving warrants and what-not versus just dealing with one case. Got the date changed too! Day after NJ Nam. Should give me a day to sit in the jury lounge and recover.
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I was summoned to serve jury duty once. Was an interesting day. I got off work at 8am but had to be there at 8 am so I left work and hour early. I was one of the folks called up to sit in the box and awnser questions. Around 4 PM the judge dismissed me and a few other. As we where gathering up our stuff to leave a court clerk comes up and tells us that we are not allowed to leave yet as another judge might need people. So we all troop down stairs from the 4th floor to the 1st and sit on the hard benchs in the back. Come 5:30 we where released and given our vouchers for work. I got home around 7 and took a shower only to have to be back at work at 10 that night.

It was interesting. I wouldn't call it fun. I was on of the ones not choosen and I believe I know why. 1st off the trial involved a woman whorobbed a KwikStar and stabbed one of the coworkers there. I happened to work at a diffrent KwikStar. 2nd I knew a couple of the people involved with the trial.Namely my Bosses Boss. There where a few other things working in my favor as well. Appearently they are leary of puting a person who has been institonalized ona jury. I guess it also did not hurt that when the Defence attorny asked both myself and another guy who worked for KwikTrip Inc ( the parent company of our stores) "Would you have a problem finding my Client innocent should the facts show in her favor?" well I responded "Lady, KwikStar and I have a Love Hate relationship, Hell it might even work in your favor having me on the jury."

The Prosacuter damned near gave her self whiplash, her head jerked up so fast. =)

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