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SL68II experts ....

have three gun with issues 2 with cup seal leaks and one that pops when cocking.

For the cup seal leaks all the usual oil has been douse on them. Is there a way to remove the cup seals with out destroying them. Is is passable to resurface them ? BTW bot of these gun are newer with less then 1k rounds through them.

The last gun is an well used one that pops when cocked sear or power tube/ spring issue on this?
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Hey B, I had good luck fixing leaky seals by dipping the seals in boiling water and cooling them in contact with the seat you intend em to mate with .. The popping sounds like a springing issue at first glance


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I have not found a way as of yet to remove the cup seals. I know that when mine leaked I had to douse it in lube to get it to seal, and it hasn't given me any trouble since then. It sounds like you've already tried that though.

As to the popping while pumping, check that your pump rod is adjusted correctly. When I first received mine, it was not and would pop on every pump. It should just be long enough to allow the bolt and hammer to latch, any longer and it will pop.

Hope this helps you
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The boiling water sounds like a great idea. Just be sure that the leak isn't coming from a rust pit on the seat itself. Check with a strong magnifying glass.

The back of the air needle that holds the cup seal screws onto the rest of the shaft. You'll need the right sort of tooling to clamp it all without gouging the heck out of it but if you can do that then it'll turn off.

For this sort of trick I generally will cut a scrap of aluminium so it's about 1/4 wider than the part I'll be holding. Then drill a hole the same size as the part near one end but so there's a good 1/8 to 1/4 inch of metal to the end. Then run a hacksaw cut down the length into the drilled hole and another 1/2 inch further. Then you can use this in a vise or with vise grips to clamp the shaft or round part safely.

The popping when cocking is likely from having the pump rod sticking too far out of the pump handle. I did that and got the same pop when cocking. Turn it further into the handle a turn at a time until the popping stops. Then maybe one more for good measure. Check that you're still able to cock it reliably when gassed and that it's far enough back that the feed neck opening is still large enough to feed properly.
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