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ok guys thanks for the help and i have looked at the axe.
some markers are good at some things and others are better at others but no marker is the best at everything (EX ego=poppit=good efficiency but not as quiet as a nt or some spool marker)
can you guys list some things that the etek does well at and lacks also do the same for the AXE!

one more thing, what marker do you think will be best OVERALL (keep in mind i dont care much about effieciency, since at my field all day air is $5)
thanks guys for the help and give me a little info on the overall performence
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The PMR I have doesn't like sub-40* weather. If you have to shoot in cold weather, get an Axe or an Etek.

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Just get an Axe. In my opinion, the Reflex has really crappy ergonomics and feel but the Etek feels more like a fancy spyder than a high-end electro.

The Axe is very smooth, no annoying macro-hose, best on/off ASA I've seen out of the three, the board is just as good, the trigger is my favorite out of the three, just a great marker.
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Again I'd throw my suggestion towards the DP FX. More features then either the Etek 3 LT or AM...

-Same basic ergonomics as a the Etek 3.
-All aluminum construction, unlike the Etek 3 LT.
-Great clamping feedneck
-Simple, but effective purge on/off ASA
-OLED board stock (AWESOME)
-Fast and efficient. Techpb Mike was able to pull about 9 pods or so from a 45k fill

Possible downsides...
-No LPR. Your shot will always be as hard/soft on paint no matter what. In my experience with it, it was fine. Shot one for an entire tournament using Evil and only broke a ball once, but that could have been my barrel.

As far as the AXE goes, I'd get one in my hands first if I were you. I know personally that I can't shoot single tube markers as well as I can shoot stack tube markers.

It'll have similar features as the Etek 3.

-Clamping feedneck
-on/off asa (Although the one on the AXE is proprietary so you can never change it out for something different. Same with the regulator.)
-LED board

Personally I hate when companies make parts proprietary. If you have a problem with a part, you HAVE to send it back to the company for RMA. Kinda why I've stayed a way from the new "hoseless" markers. Proprietary regulators, ASA's, internal airlines... I think the Luxe is the only one that you can switch to a more traditional system.(/rant)

Really what it all comes down to is you. Which do you like the best out of them? As has been said, if you can go play a game with each of them. Get a proper feel for them.

Just as a side note, these are the current prices of each marker on ANSGear:

Empire Axe - $459.99
PE Etek 3 LT - $495.99
DP FX - $499.00
Proto Reflex Rail - $499.95
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Old 06-20-2011, 06:07 PM   #15 (permalink)

ok guys the reason i am being so cautious about the breach wear is because right now i own a spyder pilot and it has the same type of bolt as the etek and my bolt has scratches all over it and when i remove the bolt it gets even more scratched up and i have to use some force to remove the bolt and its kinda hard. the little lip type part on the outside of the gun scratches my bolt up. that is what im worried about with the etek bolt, will that happen?
can someone please post a pic of the etek wear or a description? also maybe some help with my pilot bolt??

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Old 06-25-2011, 05:19 PM   #16 (permalink)

any suggestions???
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Old 07-01-2011, 12:34 PM   #17 (permalink)
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I have a etek 3 lt white and black for sale PM me if your interested.
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First, Person, make better and more use of your . key. It will make your posts easier to understand. Second, the breech wear issue for the Etek has already been resolved in the thread: it is an non-issue. The spider pilot and etek bolts are not at all the same, aside from both being stacked tube markers. PE has better build practices than Kingmann, and their bolts will not drag on the rear of the upper tube. So do not worry there. As far as fixing your Pilot, I would take that question to the Kingmann forum.

Several members here have mentioned the Axe as a good gun to look at. I agree, try it out. Electros aren't my thing anymore, but I tried one out a month or so ago and was thoroughly impressed. Good size, clean lines, shot well. You will be happy with that gun, end of story. Truthfully, unless you booger it up with unnecessary upgrades, any of the guns mentioned here will work fine for you (though the Reflex possibly having issues in sub-40 temps was brought up; keep that in mind).

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I know in the past proto rail and empire mini had serious issues (breaking back plug, fubar´d poppets etc.) eteks not so much.
Sure the reflex and axe are new models but it feels to me that eclipse has them beat on reliability.

Etek 3 shoots exactly the same as my ego9 did, and I could not tell the difference if I had a blindfold. sure it´s plastic but while you´re shooting, you won´t notice it. You will notice fondling it on the deadzone though.
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