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Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: cleveland ohio

sl-68 2 with a air through t-stock and revy, remote to a 45/45 nxe pack with 2 100 ball pods.
nice n light and lots of people underestimate me, then bang headshot
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Location: South Jersey

Superbolt sniper, dropped 22ci tank, APP 50 round hopper and 3 50 round pods.
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Well, if weight is all you care about...

Pg. 1: Joke thread.

Pg. 2: Serious discussion on making it work.

I love you MCB.
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Location: Toronto, ON

Brass and Wood Fan
T8.5 with a tri-mag drop leg. nothin else needed

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Rejected by Caelus
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Location: Denver, CO

Invert Mini, Hammerhead Sharks Tooth, Ninja 50/45, Vlocity Jr

I'm trying to go smaller.
I live again, so it would seem.....
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Location: Maryland

I'm liking all of the lightweight Setups posted so far. I have also noticed that I also am often under rated and people think I wil do terrible and then I run around the field like a crazy person but still manage to shoot accurately. I think that bugs people lol

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Location: 518

Tiberius t8 t8.1 and a p3 pack is all i need for when I want to go light weight.
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ton up boy
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Location: Finland

Halfblock sniper with APP 50 rd hopper and 13/3000, couple 10rd tubes in pocket.
Also have a nelspot but it feels heavier to me
You're on an internet forum.
Every first post is a cry for attention.
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Hawkeye: Finest Kind
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Location: Suburbs of Toronto

My setup when I am playing in tight quarters.

Carter Mini Buzzard, White Wolf Airsmith Freak tip, Remeber the Ronin `Boomerang`12 gram holder, and PB Mafia leg harness.

The setup is so small I can get in really tight to bunkers as needed. The Boomerang lets me change CO2 without having to reach away from my gun, (The fresh 12 is right next to the bucket changer.)

The PB mafia leg harness puts the paint right where I need it to reload (plus I kinda feel like Han Solo when wearing it.)

There are lighter guns than this setup, the phantom comes to mind, but this is what I have settled on. I also have a T-stock and a whoosh barrel, but I use those when playing feilds with more elbow room.
Custom Cockers
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Facta Non Verba
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Fan of EMR
Hopefully dundadun will post his mini setup.
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