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Axe vs Etek vs Ego 08

Hey guys i have been looking at the BST section and wondering what to buy because the Ego 08 is about $420+, Axe on Ebay can find LNIB for $430 and Etek about $425. I am wondering since the ego and etek are about the same price in bst forums would it be better to get the ego? they are all about the same price but would a axe or ego be better?

i already know quite a bit about the guns but can someone just give me some advantages and disadvantages of buying each gun?
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I like the axe alot.

But with the ego you can always get a pump kit from skibbo and ssc

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Well, between the etek and ego8, I would personally choose the ego08. Not only because of the lcd screen, but some of the parts are better than on the etek (although most are the same).
I've only shot a mini briefly so I can't really speak for the axe, but it is compact, has no macro, and quieter than the ego/etek.

Before making a decision, I would definitely see if you can hold/fire an ego and axe. i'm sure they are fairly common in many areas. that will give you a better decision on what you get because it basically comes down to preference.
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thanks guys!!!!! any thoughts on a dm8/9
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Out of the options you posted, I would go with the Axe. I love that gun. I haven't ever wanted to get a high-end electropneumatic but buying an axe is very tempting. The efficiency of a poppit and the smooth shot of a spool? Heck yeah, I'm all over that.

As for a DM, I'd get a 7. From what I've heard, they're the best ones.

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Efficiency required? = go for the ego8
Smoother shot instead? = Axe

pass on the etek altogether
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I have an axe, ego 8 and a dm7. I use the ego most and then the axe, my dm sits. That's my rating of the 3.
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If its between a DM8 and DM9... go with the DM9. The body and bolt assembly are shorter, so you can tune your LPR a little lower. Dye finally got rid of the on/off flow plug, so its way more comfortable to hold/play with/snap shoot...

Really though, any of the DMs from 06 on are fantastic shooters.
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if its a money commitment between the etek and ego, go with the ego. Ive heard lots of good things about the axe, but im not a personal fan of the mini design. My choice here would be an easy ego8, or depending if you wanted a spoolie and could afford it, dm9
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I would say go for the Ego. The truth is even though the Axe is nice, it is still a sub $500 gun. The Ego 8 brand new was ~$1200 gun. I am a firm believer in, you get what you pay for. So, would you rather have a new $500 gun or a used $1200 gun? I have an ETEK and an Ego and the truth is, the solenoid in the Ego is just a lot better than the solenoid in the ETEK. So, if you want a used ETEKII for budget reasons, go for that. But, if you have the money for an 08 or 09 Ego, skip the ETEK.
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