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View Poll Results: Who's got the best purging on/off ASA?
CP Dovetail 15 32.61%
Planet Eclipse OOPS (Not the POPS) 14 30.43%
Dangerous Power flip-open 13 28.26%
Brand X, Dummy! 4 8.70%
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Best On/Off ASA?


Have never made use of on/offs before, but wanted to for a long time and now am aiming to. I am specifically looking for a purge-able version with small profile and preferably over-engineering.

[**EDIT: Noted this later, but for new readers, I do not use macroline, ever, so only what will work for regular fittings. Also, while I strongly prefer direct mounts mechanically speaking, in this case I don't prefer them in terms of size, fit and aesthetics. **]

The field seems narrowed to the CP dovetail version, the Planet Eclipse OOPS (not the POPS, which is way out of price range), and the Dangerous Power RAPS flip-open.

And of course, anything I may be missing.

Any and all directly experienced input would be most appreciated.

Thanks as ever.
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You forgot:

Boblong gear drive
Dye Asa any of their version 07 and up.

I found that the boblong gear drive got the most impressive design and the geardrive is very responsive when using. There is one tiny little problem is that the macroline should be straight otherwise the geardrive does not function properly as a bend macroline can put pressure on the fitting.

The DP is very nice in general, sometime it does get a bit hard to flip the switch, especially if you are wearing glove. I don't really have a complain about that system.

If you have a flexible setup, I would say get the geardrive, I really love that system, just that well it is rather expensive for a brand new one.

The Dye work great too and is a tiny little thing, it price should run from 40 and up.
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I love the CP on/off ASAs. Have them on most of the markers I play with on a regular bases. Smooth, simple, perfect. I've never had a problem with them.
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I got a dangerous power Raps II. It is awesome, quick on and off, bleeds when you turn it off. I love it. Best of all, NO KNOBS!
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I prefer the bob long cam drive over the gear drive.
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CP direct mount.

Easy twist on/off with bleed. Solid design with excellent quality anno. Tank pin depressor piston does not fall out like many of the others.

It puts the hands in the air or it gets the paint again.
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I'm partial to new designz either the center twister or their normal style depending on whether you want the macro out the center or not. Significantly smaller and lighter than the cp, I've never had problems with mine. And as an added bonus their knobs have much bigger and deeper grooves than the cp style ones so you can actually turn the knob with basically no grip (ie got paint all over your hands).
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CP all the way, huge range of colors to match your marker. Picked one up at dday a few years ago for my dm7 because the stock one kept blowing orings(I'm really not a fan of "upgrades") and i fell in love with the thing, looks goood, nice and sturdy, knob turns easily and very smoothly, bleeds off nice and smooth, i'll probably never go with anything else.

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Here's my take on the on/off asa's that I have personally used.

Custom Products - I prefer the direct mount but it's all a matter of preference
Pro's: high quality, never had any issues with them, simple milling makes them look great on almost any marker. Simple installation
Con's: pricey $$, direct mounts are a wee-bit too long, can be difficult to disassemble (although I've never needed to)

Bob Long - Just started using the gear drive. Very impressed!
Pro's: high quality ano and attractive milling. Centered macro-fitting slims down the grip-frame profile. Unique grip-frame mounting design
Con's: pricier than the CP!! I hope to never have to rebuild it. Mounting on the grip frame takes a little more effort than the CP but also much cleaner looking if done right. seems to require more turning to operate

NDZ - I've only used the on/off knob version, no twister (yet)
Pro's: very small profile. easy to install. finger grooves on knob are deep. Decent price. Easy to rebuild. nice milling style
Con's: once lost the on/off knob because there was nothing to prevent it from being completely unscrewed. (this may have changed w/ newer models)

DP Raps - I've only used the model which is included on the G3. I have not used the "boxier" model.
Pro's: simple operation, milling matched the G3 very well. Unique design
Con's: I've heard of issues w/ o-rings being worn prematurely or damaged.
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The thing I like about the none screw in asas like the raps an pops is that you can easily see if the marker is aired up.
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