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Base it on what works for you, and price. All tanks and regs, Have pros and cons.
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NINJA or guirilla air.

Out of the two, Ninja is by far the better reg and tank. Ninja is also 100 percent made in the USA, Gurilla Air is not. GA is Tiwan.

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Disclaimer: I don't own/never used Ninja. I don't have a GA bottle either.

I own GA regs and they work fine for me. I got them used for really cheap and had a few issues with them creeping when I got the,, but once I cleaned them and got new spring kits they've held solid.

Few things: They are small. Almost too small for some might say. I have PE OOPS and Shocktech drops/ASA's that you need to literally break out the allen wrenches and back them off get the Myth to screw on. Irritating if you're in a hurry, but I don't mind this because it puts the bottles very close up to the gun which I really like.
Also, although GA products are assembled in the US, they source parts from China. I've heard that Ninja is 100% American made.

I have had good experiences with the GA customer service. Really friendly people who get parts to you fast.

I'd say they are both really close. I think you just need to look at how much you value a light, short reg. If you really want one, go ahead and get a Guerrilla Air bottle/reg. However, if it's not that important I'd go with Ninja.
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I will give you probably the most objective answer here. I have both, and I like both. The pros that both of them have:

Awesome customer service
User serviceable
User adjustable
Great build
Easy to use

Now, for the pros of GA:

Smaller than anything else out there
When you adjust your output pressure, you replace everything, spring and piston
Fastest to change pressure (Or so they say, I have never adjusted the pressure on mine)
GA used to be Air America (Pretty much), and they have made tank regs longer than pretty much anyone else
The reg has a collar that allows you to turn it so you can have your gauge or fill nipple where you want them

And the cons:

You will most likely have to take it apart, clean it, and relube it yearly
Like most of the other regs out there, it has a decay that starts when it looses tank pressure
It's reputation (Whether real or imagined)
It's size (Too small for some people)
If you don't get the G2, it has one burst disk, for the tank pressure side, not the reg output side

The pros for Ninja:

You don't have to get anything else to adjust your output pressure, as mentioned, just some shims
They also make the SLP (Super Low Pressure, about 250 PSI) and SHP (Around 1200 PSI) for special applications
They don't decay until your pressure gets to lower than 1000 PSI
Made in the USA (Almost completely)
The company is also known as, or it's the parent company, PSI, and they used to make regs for WGP tanks, Pure Energy tanks (The Pure Energy regs from about three years ago are what the Ninja evolved from)

And the cons for Ninja:

Fan boys

Actually, I don't think that I can say anything bad about Ninja. They have so much experience with what they are doing, and they honestly care about what they are doing, they are great. They used to make stuff for other companies that they sold, like the aforementioned Pure Energy regs for their tanks, and even a bunch of ANS stuff. They make a shim kit for the regs, so you can screw your tank in, then position the shim(s) so that you can get the reg how you want it.

There has been so much "controversy" over the Myth regs. They do outsource their manufacturing, but they are "partnered" with a company that imports more regs for propane tanks than anyone else. The "partner" is in charge of quality control overseas, so the regs will pass muster. But, in finding who would make the regs overseas, they had a number of different companies compete for the contract. One of the manufacturers who didn't get the contract decided that they would try to make the best of the regs, since they did not pass muster. Keep in mind, these companies have to make like 5000 regs, not just a couple. Not sure of the exact number, but it isn't just a couple of them. So they finished making them, and decided to try to sell them to paintball stores. ANS is the one and only company that decided to deal with them. When the regs were being sold, they were being sold by ANS for right around the same amount of money as GA was selling them at Cup, just a couple of months previous. Well, the manufacturer used highly substandard parts, like gauges and such. These things failed like there was no tomorrow.

Now here is one thing that I have never seen any other company in paintball do to date. They allowed everyone that bought a reg to send it in to them, and exchange it for a legit reg. One that had all of the high quality that they are known for. The only cost to the consumer was shipping the reg in. There are some video's out there of Dan Colby receiving the fake regs, and drilling them so they could not be used, on purpose or by accident.

Either way, you can't go wrong, as long as you have the Myth G2, not the original Myth.
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I currently own both, but just the regs. I've got a Myth G2 on a 45/45 Crossfire bottle, and a Ninja reg on a 68/45 Draxxus bottle (or whoever dxs paid to make their bottles, might be luxfer, too lazy to check).

To be honest, i don't notice a difference between the two, performance-wise. Right now i only use the Myth'd Crossfire tank, only because i like the short size for my short arms... and the dxs bottle is out of hydro, lol.

A good example of both their customer service is they've got someone very active at all times in their dedicated threads on pbn. Questions get replies within 24 hrs or less. Pretty dang cool.
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Hey guys just wanted to clear a few things up

To change the pressure on any myth reg all you need is a different seat retainer, and sometimes a different spring its very easy to change the pressure. The piston remains the same no matter what the pressure.

All manufactured regs from GA now have 2 burst disks a LP and a HP.

All regulators should be clean periodically depending on how much you play.

Far as customer service goes, we are here for you guys if you ever need anything you can send me a pm, email, or even call us directly and we will get you taken care right away.

If you have any questions about any of our products feel free to shoot me a PM.
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Seems they're both pretty good. i guess I have to choose if i want to spend another $30 on a regulator that can spin around for comfort or not.

I'm still pretty torn, but this thread has definitely helped me know they're both very good companies.
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Neither. Pure Energy is my choice. The threads dont wear out, never had creeping, never blown a burst disc etc. Crossfire would be second choice.

It puts the hands in the air or it gets the paint again.
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With the Myth G2 the threads will never wear out they are brass, the G2 also comes standard with the Pro-Burst disks they sit almost completely flush with the regulator body.
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I was a fan of Crossfire tanks UNTIL I bought their new Stealth reg, thing leaks like a damn sieve. Just bought a 70/45 GA and i love it, I would have gone Ninja but my shop stopped carrying them because he was losing money on shipping costs. Just need to a G2 reg which I should have bought at HB this past year, oh well always next year.
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