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I homebrew and carbonate off of 12 oz PB tanks, been doing it for over 5 years, as long as you don't get liquid CO2 into your soda/beer you don't need to worry about it being filtered/HP/UHP or not, the flow rates are too low for any significant amount of particles to make it into your drink. I've bought some HPR's and LPR's off of here with the sole intention of turning them into carbonation equipment. This is the way I make my carbonating equipment (going on 3 now):

mini 'cocker VASA, Ion HPR, mini 'cocker VASA, 1/8" NPT female/female fitting, 'cocker sledgehammer LPR (work great once they're set up) tapped for 1/8" NPT on the cap and plugged original outlet, 1/8"-->1/4" NPT male/male fitting, 1/4" NPT T fitting, cheap 0-100 PSI gauge on 1 outlet, hose nipple on the other with hose to keg attached to it.

For beer I carb with 30 PSI @ 40*F for 4 days or if I have enough time, 15 PSI for just over a week.

The only thing with these is, it's a pain to diagnose if you have any leaks because the pressures are so low past the LPR you don't usually hear any hiss.
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Thanks for the info - I've been working on sorting this out, and did read yesterday about CO2 grade. It will be interesting to see how this works out for us in the end one way or another.
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I ended up buying one of the Critical pball adapters. It does seem about twice as expensive as it should be, but it seems to have "paid for itself" by now; my wife has gone through over 60 oz of co2 with it -- which would have cost $60 for soda stream bottles.

It also seems to be well built and has an allen wrench adjustable pin depth

She reports it tastes a little different "kind of lemony". She said that on the first bottle, I'll have to ask if it still does.

I'm using the bottle on a remote set-up. So it's goes like this:
Adapter to soda stream body
Remote ASA Plug
Quick disconnect
Pro-Team products CO2 filter
18 in hose
On/Off valve
Old Automag vertical ASA
Coiled remote

This admittedly is a pretty crazy setup. I did it this way because I was going to mount it to a cabinet top, and the tank would be below. Haven't gotten to that yet...Although the set up may change slightly when I do.

The only issue with this set up is when you have a remote line the gas is continusly going releasing. That is why the second switch on/off was installed. My wife didn't like unscrewing the nut on the remote line or a slide check.

Another issue is all of my CO2 tanks are out of date I have a lot of hydro exempt 3-10 oz tanks, but it seems that Scheels and other refillers don't know about the 2in diameter exception. Even when I pull up the info on my phone they say "Well, we still can't fill it, would you like us to throw those tanks away?"

Anyway I'm thinking about taking the valve off of one of the SodaStream tanks (still in hydro) and putting a Paintball on/off valve in place of the SodaStream valve.

Otherwise I thought of getting a larger co2 tank and home filling the smaller ones (least desirable to me)

My paintball fields may fill the smaller tanks, but now i don't have one closer than an hour away--sucks.

American Hydrotest -Paintball Tank Testing.
CO2 tanks: 2 inches or less in diameter and less than 2 feet long, do not need to be tested. This is a DOT Rule. These CO2 bottles usually have a 1800 psi limit. Greater than 2 inches in diameter must be tested every 5 years. These bottles are not fiber wrapped. These are considered high pressure.

On&Off Player since '91.

I hope everyone is having a great day!
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aren't you supposed to use food grade co2 with things you consume?
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Join Date: Aug 2010 grade is for wimps. Where do you think the secret lemon taste is coming from? Or is that the special non food grade secret?
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You can easily get 5/10lb bottles of food grade co2 at a brewery supply shop. I would do that in combination with a remote mod - ss braid to under the counter.
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Update from us: we got in a supply of freedom valves, a fill adapter, and only order bulk food grade CO2. We've been filling sodastream successfully since the middle of the summer for customers and have swapped a few valves. We are just looking for adapters now to use paintball tanks on the soda stream machine that we can sell in the shop.
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I got one of these adapters from palmers Sodastream Machine to CGA 320 (Bulk CO2) with 12' Macroline Hos - Soda
for palmers! now im just curious how anyone has mounted/ran their hose? through the wall?im looking for a way to conceal the hose and 20 lb tank
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