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Soda Stream Tank conversion?

Anybody ever made an adapter for these machines? My wife just got one, you "exchange" their 15oz CO2 tanks when empty for a full one at a cost of $15.

Pricey CO2! Anyways there are some adapter sites, but only for buying not how to make your own: FreedomValve

Then if I do use a kit, since this is used for human consumption, what do I have to worry about in CO2 purity...?

Could always tap a remote nipple into an empty tank, and feed it thru a remote line from any a standard paintball tank...cons of that method?

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I think I remember hearing something about c02 needing to be filtered and what we get is not filtered.
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I'm pretty sure the CO2 used to fill paintball tanks is industrial grade and not fit for human consumption. You need food grade CO2. Ask Palmers if the could make you an adapter.
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I talked to a local homebrewing shop and they told me the purity doesn't *really* matter, to an extent.

I was surprised, but if you think about it, it makes sense. When you are carbonating a liquid, you aren't sending the gas flowing through the system like you would with a paintgun. The gas is slowly absorbed once the liquid is pressurized, so contaminants should stay in the original tank since there really isn't any siphoning action or movement to pull them through and into the soda/beer/whatever.
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Custom Products makes an adapter for a specific customer that has the correct thread pitch to refill those cylinders.

Hope that helps.

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I'm a little confused?
Do you want to use the Soda steam for paintball? THen why does the grade of co2 matter?

The original Soda stream used Tippmann CGA320 valves, but the company recently switched to a proprietary valve when they noticed that people were refilling there own tanks. This is there primary source of income! (like inkjet printers. Companies make all the profit from selling ink).

But the tanks are still catalina. You should be able to pop off the old valve, and swap in a generic Tippmann-style CGA320 with 5/8" threads. They are a dime a dozen. I seem them on ebay for $4. Then you can rig up any sort of adapter using whatever (ie ada's, bottom lines, etc).

If you just want to refill your soda-stream with bulk co2? Yikes, those adapters are like $75! Is it possible to convert the soda-stream machine to accept CGA320 like the older Soda-stream machines?

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Has anyone figured out an easy solution for this? I've been getting questions from Soda Stream customers looking to refill instead of exchanging - the exchange program is $28.99 for a 33 oz tank! Crazysauce.
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Check with palmers pursuit. He was talking about these adapters at the last socal meetup.
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SodaMod SodaStream / Soda-Club Adapter

Although I've also heard that CO2 used for paintball shouldn't be used for food services, but I don't have any concrete information on that.
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I found this article on the webby,

Subject: CO2 purity?

> CO2 is not very pure? Is there differen't grades of C02?
> The idea of not getting pure co2 is troubling to me, since I too
> had similar problems as the original poster with not being able
> my pH.

There are at least two different grades of CO2 available, (I found
out during a similar problem) Food grade, which is used in soda
machines and such, and commercial grade, which is used in some
welding applications from what I can tell. The food grade is what
you want.

The only difference between these two grades of CO2 is that the
bottle that it comes in. Both gases are 99.97% CO2, the food
grade bottles are internally glass coated, whereas the industrial
cylinders are straight steel.

The reason that there is a difference, is that by law, the food
systems have the possibility of back-flowing into the bottle
when the gas runs out. If the bottle was a standard industrial
bottle, the system would have the possibility of becoming
contaminated with rust from the internals of the bottle. (CO2
disolved in liquid from beverages is quite acidic and rusts the
inside of gas cylinders.

This would be the same as eating tinned food where the can
was rusting, you have the risk of contracting tetnis(?)(lock-jaw)
or some other illness associated with rust.

So the insides of food grade cylinders are washed each time
before the bottle gets refilled according to food hygene laws.

Therefore the food grade bottles are more expensive to hire, as
more work goes into refilling. According to the rules you are not
really permitted to use food grade CO2 for fish tanks, as what
you are hooking up to them is not passed by the food hygene
act, but I know that people do.

The only thing is that industrial CO2 is cheaper because there
is less involved in refilling cylinders, and has the same purity,
so that is why I use it.
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