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bore size and paintball

before I spend my entire retirment fund, id like to get some advise as to brand of paint you use and bore size you have found to make it shoot straight..

thanks in advance

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of course if you buy cheap paint or use paint thats 6 months old or even paint that hasn't been rotated it won't matter HOW MUCH you spend.

also if you don't learn to aim that won't help you eiither.

but if your playing field paint olny then you're kinda stuck with what they have and should just buy a j and j kit or ifit
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Get some type of bore sizer barrel kit. Then buy what ever paint you want.
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If you find yourself at Dicks Sporting Goods or Sports Authority and buy Xball Scenarios, they are in the .684-.688 range.
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Karnage Tear, .679 CP 2-piece when playing pump. Gonna try APX Thrasher soon, though.
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I shoot everything through my 681 barrel as long as its a tight squeeze, but its getting harder to find stuff that will do so. I'm shooting Redemption atm, and will probably continue to do so.
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get a cp 2 piece kit with different backs and match paint.
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The paint matching is fine, but quite beside the point of you aren't using the best paint you can get. Once that ball leaves the barrel, all the sizing in the world will vanish.

So forget about bore sizing for the moment and concentrate on getting the best paint you can afford. Your marker shoots paint out of the barrel. It does not hand deliver it to the target. This means your performance ultimately will only be as good as the paint coming out of the barrel. If your field is field paint only, find out what their best grade is, and use that. If they allow BYOP, find whatever is local and get the best of that. Or order it online.

ONLY THEN should you be thinking about bore sizing.

The single biggest factor in paintball 'accuracy', all other things being equal, will be the quality of paint you shoot. You can have the best Freak (or whatever) barrel kit, but if you shoot garbage paint through it, your performance will be garbage, and then you'll be sad with the kit and write bad reviews of it.

On the other hand, if your paint is good, your lousy stock single piece overbored barrel will shoot darts by comparison to your kit barrels with lousy paint.

In the case of paint, spending more money up front is the best value, because you will be shooting less of it, yet having more of it going where you want it to go.

Hope that makes sense.

In short, sizers are what you use to tweak the really good paint you are starting the day with. Think of sizers as paint exaggeraters. They can really help if you start with good ingredients. They will almost certainly frustrate you if you start with bad.

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