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i really like how the A5A2 set up points
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I've owned an A5 for about 4 years and have had, at one time or another, nearly every upgrade you can get. Here are my opinions on the upgrades I have had:

A5: Good marker for woodsball. Not really speedball friendly. Lots of moving parts to wear out, especially in the cyclone. I've replaced my ratchet 8 times, my axel 4 times, my advancement arm assembly once, my sear 10 times, my bolt 8 times and my barrel locking lugs are starting to wear out. But, I also have over 300,000 rounds through it. Oh, my hopper is original, never damaged at all.

Flatline: definately gives you more range. Accuracy is decent until you get about 150,000 rounds through it, then the bead blasting on the interior is worn smooth. Still gives great range though. My preferred barrel for scenario games, worthless for speedball.

Response trigger: Had one for about 3 months. Didn't like it. Trigger pull is very hard when making single shots. Tough to adjust when using co2 due to the ambiant temperature differences. Increases gas consumption. I don't care what Tippman says.

Egrip: Love it. Well worth the money. Even when shooting semi mode the trigger pull is much better than you'll ever get with the stock trigger. Most fields will not let you use it other than semi auto though.

HPA: My A-5 did not like running HPA at first. Would not push over 245 fps even with a Madman spring kit and rear velocity adjuster. Even when pushing 1000 psi from my adjustable Air America tank. Not until I installed the Tippman Low Pressure Kit did it work correctly.

Low Pressure Kit: Actually works great. Steep price tag of $149. But, was the only way to get my A5 to shoot at 290 fps. Will actually easily go up to 340 fps now, even with the green madman spring.

Madman spring kit. Works well, but you don't really need it if you have an RVA.

RVA: Rear velocity adjuster. Works great. Much easier to adjust your fps this way than screwing around with the allen wrench stock velocity adjuster.

Starfire bolt: You'll loose velocity using this bolt. No benefit whatsoever.

Double trigger: I like mine. Easier to walk the trigger on the egrip. About the only way to get off a nice three round burst when not using an Egrip.

I personally use a LP Air America Black Ice reg on my A-5. A Palmer is ok too.
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THE BEAST-- A5 Egrip, JCS Duel trigger, JCS Gold power tube, JCS RVA, LP Kit, Palmers Stabilizer, Maddman spring kit, Lapco A5 to A/C barrel adaptor, Apex A/C barrel, Lapco grip adapter , CP rail, Trinity ASA on/off, Crossfire 92/4500 tank mounted speedball style, Richocet hopper, homemade trigger over travel stop.

It shoots fast, flat, far and loud.
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washer first,then the o-ring,tombstone holds it all in place
Its a shame they didnt put a C-clip in that line up. Cheap crap.
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I'd go with the following parts:

PPS stabilizer

A red dot sight of some sort

a stock-probably an M-4 style or one of the MP style that Specops has. I'm digging their dogleg stocks too.

a ricochet hopper. they just look better

That's just about all I can think that would help. Maybe a remote setup would be cool.
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Originally Posted by nunrleft
Accuracy is decent until you get about 150,000 rounds through it, then the bead blasting on the interior is worn smooth.
I sold my flatlined 98c before that happend, but just to let y'all know, if your barrel wears down, send it to Tippmann and they can re-beadblast the barrel for free.

Oh, and on the A-5 I used to have, I had the R/T, and I loved it. I will agree with you guys on the hardness to get a good long burst since it is a task to pick up on, but after 3-4 games I had it down. As for it being hard to shoot semi-auto, thats just because the valve that controls it was tightend down. It's a great upgrade to ROF at about half the price of an e-grip (if you shop around).

Stock wise, if you're wanting the best of both paintball worlds, I would recommend a foldable one like what they have on since they snap securely into place.

A regulator is a definate plus since without one, my A-5 fluxuated in velocity approximatly 48.3680293 FPS either way. Especially if you're running CO2. Good luck and hope this helps.
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My A5: Regulator, sometimes Flatline.

That's it. I own a double trigger, but rarely put it on. I've been happy with a WGP Ergo running Co2, but I've heard mixed results.

Honestly, the A5 is just about perfect as-is, IMHO. Slap on a new barrel, a new hopper if you want to, and it's good to go.

I don't shoot fast, though. I usually use my Phantom or, more recently, Mr. Rogers, my pneumatic-assist pump Spyder. The refs at my field warn the newer guys when I break out the Tippman toward the end of the day. :P
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The first few things I would look at are in relation to air efficiency and smooth operation.

I'd recommend first, using the book, take it apart and put it back together at least twice to familiarize yourself with it, then polish the internals, get a Palmer's Stabilizer or other good reg, a JCS RVA, do the FreakShow FVA mod, and then start looking for an aftermarket barrel that fits the style of playing/look/price range you want to go with.

Barrel recommendations:
Lapco BigShot (or equalevant Lapco based on bore size of paint), J&J ceramic, A-5 Flatline, UMS 98/A5 Flatline, Apex.

The Flatlines and the Apex offer different style of play and some folks love them while others hate them (usually the folks getting long balled).

I personally like the Flatlines, and accept their small "quirks" which are easy enough to look over.

Then I'd go for whatever look/feel you'd like your gun to have.
You can pick from any number of good stocks out there from solid, folding/sliding, offset etc or get a custom one built.

You can go for the mil sim look and add a magazine, rails, optics etc, just really whatever you want. There are tons of options and tons of good gear for these guns and they still have not tapped out the market for them. I've got at least a couple dozen more ideas to bring out as soon as I have time.

If you have any q's that need quick answers, feel free to PM me here, or over on the Underground Forum and I'll be glad to try and help out.
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Wow, thanks for the info, everyone! There's more here than I think I could ever do to the poor A5. I've played a couple games with it in its current out-of-the-box completely stock form, and I like the way the marker handles. My only complaints are with it is its air efficiency and its length. And maybe the appearance, but that's Tippmann.

I'm holding off on making the jump to HPA now that I've weighed the cost versus the benefits -- maybe I'll get a bottle if I ever buy a paint screamer, and that's not likely to happen. A good old 20 ouncer's just fine, though it desperately needs a drop forward -- I spent the whole day catching the barrel tip on bunkers as I'd nip out to snapshoot.

I'm still looking to keep the marker as short, compact and easy to balance in one hand as possible. Also looking to keep the marker as quiet as I can. I'm more of a bulletproof ninja than a longballer, so I've concluded the flatline's not for me. Also, I've always had a love for markers that look like they've got more mismatched parts than the Frankenstein monster so milsim's definitely not in the cards.

I think the eventual setup will be:
- 20 oz. tank on a drop forward
- Palmer's Stab (I'll have to see if braided hosing between this and the drop forward is worth the extra investment)
- Aftermarket Power Tube & bolt if the extra efficiency's worth the money
- A shorter barrel than the stock one, most of my shooting is done 15-20 feet from the target (or after they try to fight out of a bunkering)
- Tippmann Double Trigger, I'll jig the sear a bit to see if I can lighten the pull once I'm comfortable with how it operates
- Ricochet hopper, natch

I've never owned or taken a marker apart other than my approximately 3.5 Trracers (The shop heard I still use one so I get odd bits handed to me... just never pump arm screws! Argh!). I'm naturally worried as this is a bit of a step up in difficulty. It's a project I'm definitely willing to tackle, though... it looks like the kind of marker one never stops upgrading!

The sad part is now that I'm in the world of semis, the world's opened up to me and I'm now weighing my money between upgrading the A5 and buying a shiny 'Mag.

If I become a gun whore it'll be all your fault!
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A nice short barrel is the Lapco Bigshot 8 inch. Had one and used it for a while but ultimately got rid of it because I was using it's 12 inch cousin far more often. Another mod you could do which is very simple is to cut down the stock barrel about a half inch or so in front of the porting. Haven't done it myself but if you're on a budget or just wanna tinker, it seems to work fairly well.

Also, when you're disassembling the halves, be careful to do it slowly. And be extra careful when taking off the end cap. Hold it down when you're removing the pins or it'll fly off and you could lose the main spring and spring guide. There's also a little spring that sits against the tombstone latch that can work its way out if you're not careful. Other than that, it's pretty straight forward.

Andry : )

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