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Rainmaker maintenance questions

I'm looking for a little info on Rainmaker maintenance. My goal is to make my Rainmaker as reliable as possible.

A little back story:
I bought my rainmaker 7 years ago (i think?) used, while I was in college. Right after I bought it I pretty much quit playing. So it sat in a box for all this time. Its an earlier model, with the big plastic shroud. The previous owner converted it 9v, but other than that it's stock.
Recently, I bought a HPA tank and tested out the marker. The good news is it doesn't leak, and seemed to fire fine. But first time at the chronograph it shot 340 fps, I cranked it down as much as possible and it shot 320 .. still to high. (And yes I checked the cupped washers in the regulator).
So I purchased a new regulator (ANS Gen X-2), got it used off ebay. HurtCow is sending me a stock gutted reg (thanks again!!), I got a Lapco vertical ASA, and the fittings and macroline to hook everything up. Don't have the gutted reg yet, but I'm going to try and use it with my stock LPR, if not I'll pick up an aftermarket.

My questions:
-What general maintance do I need to do? What do I need to oil?
-If I use an aftermarket regulator, how do I adjust it to the right pressure?
-Anything else I should do?
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Look up Mad Marty on BEOG. He has a series of mods (1-5) that will significantly increase the longevity of your RM, and costs about 50 bucks. I don't have his contact info anymore but Rainman might.

As for the velocity, try putting in a stiffer valve spring.
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I sent Mad Marty an email tonight. But he doesn't seem to be very active on BEOG forums much anymore, and his website is down...
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I gutted almost my whole Rainmaker, I replaced both regs with PPS ones, Replaced the ram with a Clippard, Replaced the frame with a angel frame and custom rail, plus added a foregrip, and converted it to a mechanical.

I havent had a problem with it since

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That mech RM is pretty clean looking. The trouble with custom RMs is that, because of the design, any modifications tend to make the guns look REALLY messy unless you invest in custom rear and front blocks.

Anyway. The stock reg is pretty notorius for FPS problems. The spring-pack wears out, and because hard to get down to a safe velocity. Mine worked pretty good originally, but near the end, I could not get below 400fps!

SO, with an aftermarket reg, you would need a chrono. A seperate LPR handles the ram, so the primary is just for the main valve, and FPS.

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I got an email back from Mad Marty today. He's still doing the mod package, but took the website down as he wasn't getting much business anymore. I'm going to send my RM parts off to him, and have them modified.

For anyone looking for his email, I found it on BEOG:
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